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    anyone oy there know were u can get software to clone wii games i have a brlliant new ps but wont recognise the disk what do i need to do so mant sats it can be dine but hoe please reply to ID=cr1m4boss= asap appreciate it
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    Sorry, our software doesn't deal with console game media.

    Wii discs are not exactly DVDs. Nintendo uses a special format that is based on the DVD specifications called RVL-006, most PC DVD drives cannot read this format.

    There is a reading method with the LG-8164b/8163b/8162b/8181b DVD-ROM and a raw dump program.
    Once the raw data is read out it can be burned to a DVD+R/RW with a simpe DVD copy/burn software or tool.

    In addition to this the original Wii discs have a BCA mark on the inner ring of each disc, e.g. a bar code.
    This BCA mark cannot be reproduced by a consumer DVD writer and the Wii appears to need to read out this bar code.
    If the code is not present on the disc the Wii won't accept the inserted media.

    Therefore installing a modchip is necessary in any case in order to play backups.

    The WiiKey / Xeno-Wii ModChip is said to be able to backup an inserted Wii disc to SD card.
    The data can be transferred to PC and burned to a DVD+R/RW afterwards.

    Disclaimer: This is a purely theoretical discusssion. We don't recommend installing a modchip on a Wii.
    This may lead to unwanted side effects eventually even disabling/destroying the console.

    You may be interested in these links:


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    wii games backed uo (clonrd) by p.c

    i met some members who knrw but was not then a mrmber so could not cchat or post, u/n =cr1m3boss=
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    You need to look on Google. Slysoft forum is not the right place to get the info you need.