why not taiyo yuden -r 16x?

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    is there something against taiyo yuden premium -r 16X? in the FAQ it specifically says anything other than TY premium 8X is junk, and everyone here seems to prefer 8X. are the 16X inferior?
  2. ZO1

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    16X Ty's work great for me. However, I burn at 8X. Ty's, Verbatim you cant go wrong.
  3. Webslinger

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    There was a known bonding issue with some of Taiyo Yuden Premium 16x discs. It may be fixed now. I'm not sure.
    They also occurred occasionally in the 8x rated discs, but not as frequently. I tend to also prefer recommending the 8x rated TYs because older and newer burners should be able to use them without issue (and I tend to burn these at 12x with good quality scans). But really 16x Premiums are definitely above average. In my personal testing, I haven't come across the bonding problems as frequently with the 8x TYs. I have pulled apart a few 16x TYs with ease, which was pretty disturbing. Also, I don't think everyone here prefers 8x rated media; it's just something that I wrote to help ensure I deal with less problems.

    But a lot of this is based on the Digital Dolphin's testing (he burns blank media at an industrial level):




    This 8x TY is really nuts:

    Apparently Harry Potter is to blame:
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  4. activemind

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    Yeah, I have the same problem backing up one of the movie. But I cannot play the disc on my Panasonic S77 DVD player unless this error is corrected. However, I can play it on my computer without any issue. During the burning process, I received no error, so backup was successful.

    Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

    thanks in advance!
  5. activemind

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    I been having some problem with TY 16x printable DVD-R. Tried backing up Spiderman3 with ShrinkDVD and burn process all seems successful. No errors etc... However, AnyDVD status indicated this message on the burnt disc.

    Warning: .bup file location is wrong, .bup processing disabled!

    I can play the DVD on the PC without any issue, but unable to play on my Panasonic DVD-S77 player. Mind you, I burnt at max speed. So I will have to try burning again at lower speed. Does anyone know what the issue is...is it the disc that is giving me grief?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Webslinger

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    Spiderman 3 has no protection on it at all other than CSS, so Shrink should be able to handle this title even without Anydvd. But you shouldn't be burning that blank media at max. Try 12x or 8x.
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    Do not post in multiple threads about the exact same thing. :policeman: