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Why not expand AnyDVD source drive options?


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Mar 5, 2007
I love AnyDVD. No complaints at all. The one time I had a minor problem with an update, the issue was quickly resolved through tech support. I download movies and clips as bit Torrents. They work great as long as I watch them on my PC. Problem is when I want to transfer them to DVD, the DRM often kicks in and prevents the transfer. I'm confident AnyDVD could easily deal with the DRM protection. The problem is that there is no option for selecting a hard drive source. The only available option is to choose one of my DVD/CD ROM drives. Any plans to expand capabilities in the future?
That is because you do not own them. AnyDVD deals with DVDs (and cds). There are ways to decrypt the DRM but you need to own the files. Which, of course, you do not. I don't know what the rules are like here regarding piracy but be careful. In any other forum you would have had the thread closed and you'd probably be warned or even banned.