Why it's impossible now to watch any 4K using these players?

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    I mean PowerDVD and DVDFab Player.

    I remember in the past they were both working to play 4K and 1080p stored in our hard drive. I mean, in the case of 4K folders BDMV and CERTIFICATE.

    Now DVDFab always crashes when we try to play from it, and in the case of PowerDVD you are given an error code:
    Such as:

    Error code 21002, 21003:
    This media cannot be played because the required HDCP 2.2 wasn't initiated. Ensure your graphics card, its driver, and your display (e.g. TV, monitor, or projector) support HDCP 2.2. HDCP 2.2 is required to play this content, as governed by Digital Rights Management technologies.

    Possible cause:
    The HDCP 2.2 digital content protection of Ultra HD Blu-ray movie cannot be enabled normally on your display device or graphics processor.


    Ensure your graphics processor and display device support HDCP 2.2, and that you are using a HDMI 2.0a/DisplayPort 1.3 or above version cable to connect the PC and display. You can also try updating your graphics card driver to the latest version to ensure the latest HDCP 2.2 compatibility.

    Here's the thing:

    I know my video card, monitor and PC are not new, they wouldn't be able to play a disc using a 4K-drive directly.

    But once you get the disc to your hard drive, you can use MakeMKV or AnyDVD to decrypt and do as you please.

    The problem here is that you may also want to use your PC to see the 4K-disc menus, of course using a software player and not from your 4K disc drive.

    The solution would be, some would argue, to buy new hardware.

    I am well aware of that, but...

    Here's the thing:

    I remember vividly that both these players (PowerDVD especially) were able to play any disc folder I instructed them.

    Even with my old hardware.

    Now what changed?

    They can't play anything anymore even if lives were at stake.

    So my question is this:

    Do I need to use some specific old version from PowerDVD and DVDFab Player? If so which one?

    Because I am sure this impossibility has now been caused by some change in how these programs operate.

    I also noticed a few titles can work, but several others NOT.

    And once again: when I say playing from the hard drive by checking folders BDMV and CERTIFICATE, I am also telling you that there is NO ENCRYPTION AT ALL. Once saved in my harddrive the whole thing is totally decrypted.

    So what's the problem here that all these players freak out and have been totally useless for years?
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