Why is Netflix rips bitrate's so low?

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by Jefaisdesmv, Sep 27, 2020.

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    yeah so that anystream can have Netflix in very good quality in 1080p they need another decryption method with a CDM L1, currently anystream uses chrome CDM L3 which does not offer 1080p high bitrate for Netfix .
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    I have no doubt that eventually things will get patches, and AnyStream will get an updated to patch that patch. This is no different from protections on dvd/blu-ray. They constantly get updated too and so does Anydvd.

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    This. I didn't want to mention it myself since I was hoping that the devs knew what I was talking about without me having to tell them (hence the use of '' in the word forced).

    @Ch3vr0n You clearly don't know enough about this topic so I kindly ask that you stick to what you know. All your replies have been anything but uneducated comments of something you don't understand.

    Again, my issue is with the devs false advertising and misinformation. There is a HUGE difference between what your skills as a developer/programmer can get you vs what the service has to offer. If you don't have the skills to obtain the highest quality, that's fine, just don't tell people it's the service's fault that your users are getting shitty versions.
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    And where exactly do you see this so called 'false advertising and misinformarion'? They don't mention exact bitrate for anything. You're making nothing but assumptions, thinking you know exactly how AnyStream works. U don't.

    *Mod hat on*

    This thread is now on the verge of breaking the forum rules. Making unfounded accusations towards the staff and developers will NOT be tolerated. This ends now, or I will be forced to lock this thread down. Don't make me show some of you (temporarily) the door.

    *Mod hat off*

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    I couldn't help but notice the vast majority of individuals here that are taking swings at the developers are relatively new members, people who are unaware of RedFox's (and in their previous incarnation, SlySoft) reputation in overcoming major technical problems. Older users will be aware that when movie studios proudly declared that BD+ would take years to crack, these guys did it in SIX MONTHS!

    Everyone here needs to appreciate that AnyStream is a relatively new product that is in an early form of development. Are there issues? Yes. Will they endeavour to fix those issues? Yes.

    I'm not against criticism if there are issues, but this criticism needs to be constructive.

    These guys will get there, and like all good things it'll take time to refine and improve on this product. So please, give them credit with what they've achieved so far and show them respect. If you're unhappy, please move on...
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    The only thing keeping me from getting a lifetime license is that I don't think AnyStream will win the "patch game" against Amazon & Netflix.
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    Nothing is ever 100% secure. So even if they patch however AnyStream is currently doing what it's doing, Anystream will nodoubtedly just get an update to account for it. This'll be no different i'm guessing from dvd or blu-ray protections. Those get patched constantly (especially screenpass) and so does anydvd. But that's my take on it.
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    ^^^ Couldn't have said it better myself. This is a product that is still a work in progress, these developers have been making updates and those updates are free, what can you complain about? No one is saying AnyStream is perfect, but we need to appreciate how much the programs already does and the developers' willingness to keep working fixes and taking our suggestions. I want to say my thank you to the developer team for (1) offering us this software in the first place and (2) their continuous work on it.
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    I posted an honest response and as I assumed it was deleted and I was warned. It was "wild guessing" apparently....I actually think someone else is wildy guessing how this software works and is completely wrong!

    I'm a paying user for a software that I can't use at the moment as it doesn't work with VM's, but I'm not allowed an opinion on this thread. Quite disappointed in fact. Hoping one of the real devs or someone important can come back to me and help me with the basic issues regardless of the limitations of the software
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    You are allowed your opinion just fine. What you were doing on the other hand was speculating again on how anystream works (exploit or not,bitrates, chosen audio/video stream...) which specifically violates the post i made earlier NOT to do that. By orders of the forum admin. You're given this last chance. Don't make me regret it. Forum access is a privilege not a right. And no i don't think users are making stuff up, posts can very much be based on experience with those OTHER TOOLS (whatever they are), what they are making up are statements about how AnyStream does things.

    Now as to the VM problem. That's high priority and actively being worked on. Please have some patience. It was also stated that AnyStream (as any other redfox product really) is created to run on home user systems. A VM isn't a home system, it's an emulation of one. That's a different ballgame.

    Now as to my posting, it's my job to monitor as much topics / posts as possible. That's the whole point of being a moderator. As to the tone, well some may come across that way but they are certainly not meant that way. However i'm sure you'll be able to understand, if you constantly have to ask ppl to behave, or stop speculating and you're just plain ignored and users continue... At some point you have to draw a line. I have a lot of patience but eventually it will run out.
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    Personally, at this moment I'm more concerned about actually using the tool (which I'm not able to do at the moment) than criticising you or RF.

    More importantly, I don't recall it being stated that AnyStream was meant to run on home user systems as you state, however if I've missed something then fine. I bought the license because the trial wouldn't run on VM which was stated on Reddit - I couldn't actually find it here but if I'm wrong then again that's fine and I apologise.

    In regards to your tone, I've commented only a handful of times and only one of those were aimed at you. I could've commented many times as I do feel as many other no doubt feel that your tone does sometimes come across in the wrong way.

    I think as a paying user I should be allowed to comment on limitations of a software that I've paid for (and not been able to use).

    If that offends you then I'm not sure if I should be sorry or not to be honest. I'm not commenting on how AS works in comparison to other tools (although I did mention them I must be honest but that was just to make a point that it's possible), I commented on what AS can get in comparison to what NF actually gives. We know there are limitations and most users expect that (eg 4k) but just be honest with us. If you can't grab the main profile then just say?

    I apologise for being a bit rude but you (that's you Chevron personally and RF/AS in general) need to just be honest what's able with this software.

    I'm sure that the devs actually are fully aware of all of the different qualities and profiles available that NF give so if you can't get them just say (and if the devs think that's temporary and they're working on it GENUINELY, just say), it's really simple mate.

    Like I said, I've paid for a license I can't use and you can say it was meant for 'home users' but I don't see that evidence anywhere when I tried to download the trial, paid for the license or trawled the forums. Honesty is the best policy.

    I've also asked the question twice now as to whether if I actually partition my HDD and install a genuine Windows installation on that partition whether it would make the software work but it's been ignored both times.
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    As to the home user system, i believe it was pete that said it not very long ago. Now, on to reddit. What is said there, to be fair is irrelevant. Reddit isn't the home website or support place for AnyStream. That place is here, (or via the support ticket system) which is the only place you'll get official support. Hell i use reddit too, i like it. But it's not the home for redfox products.

    You are well within your rights to say that you should be able to comment on the limitations, that's perfectly fine (my statement, asked by admins to make) never said you could. What it DID say is not to assume knowing the inner workings of AnyStream. That's a different ballgame :)

    Now as to what you LIKE to get, vs what you actually get in a download. Prospere (one of the lead admins) specifically stated (but in different words) that video and audio wise it always asks the service provider (Amazon/Netflix) "hey, i want the highest bitrate you have for both audio and video for resolution X". Now, there's a difference between telling the provider that you want something, and the provider actually giving you want you want. Getting what you (the user in this case) want is then upto the service provider to give to AnyStream. It doesn't have any control over it, AnyStream only grabs what the provider gives it.

    As to the honesty, RedFox is honest always has been. People are used to wanting certain quality, that's perfectly fine. But if AnyStream doesn't give them the quality they want, is that AnyStream's fault? No, as it only grabs what the provider feeds it. It's merely a downloader and not an encoder. Specifying a specific audio/video profile is actually on the feature request list https://forum.redfox.bz/threads/read-me-feature-requests-status-report.79117/, look for ID 79127 near the bottom and is currently under active consideration for implementation or not.

    Now to the OS thing, i will agree on that it currently is a bit vague on which OS's are supported. The AnyDVD page https://www.redfox.bz/anydvdhd.html is a lot more detailed on specific OS support. Most of the users here that complain it doesn't work recently are running enterprise versions of windows. Now things logically for a second, which part of "Windows Server xxxx" or "Windows Enterprise xxxx" gives of the idea that it is designed for home use? None, that doesn't mean you can't use it as such though. It only means that it isn't intended for that use and as such shouldn't be used as such. I won't make any claims as to the underlying differences but it's only logical to assume that certain functionality may behave differently between windows Home / Pro and enterprise versions.

    Finally, your question. I can't say i've seen you ask it. Before i can assist you in that. Lets move that part into it's own topic shall we? As that is beyond the intent of this subject. Why don't you create a fresh topic, ask that question again. So it can't be missed! Don't forget to include your current setup will you (windows version, VM or not,...) and we'll be more than happy to try and assist you :)
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    @LUT-FC We understand your frustration caused by not being able to actually use the software you've payed for. Your problem, however, is one of our main concerns at the moment and is being taken care of. Unfortunately, it takes time. More time than we'd like, but not all of it depends on us.

    Regarding what AnyStream is or is not capable of, especially in comparison to other similar products. We do not know how those products work, neither do we care. AnyStream is in its cradle and, therefore, still has a few, so to say, "functional limitations" like, for example, requesting this type of information and not the other. These limitations will be gradually removed when possible and missing functionality will be added.

    Reasons for these limitations, technical nature thereof, solution implementation and alike, being confidential, are NOT to be discussed in the forum, regardless of how knowledgeable the one discussing them may think him/herself to be.
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