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Why is it so hard to find sample code?


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Jul 16, 2007
I've been looking for examples of how to emulate ATAPI protocol (not ISO mounting but it would also be nice) using a device driver. I looked on sourceforge and found no useful source code at all. One project was actually providing code and it was still the first release - stalled in other words.

Since this is one of the only free CD emulator utilities for XP, that I could find, I figured to ask in here. Daemon-Tools is too 'leet' to even consider allowing others to use their code. I don't have anything against them, I just wish there was source code (even just partial) so others could learn how it works!

I know there's source code for replacement to DOS's MSCDEX or drivers for MSCDEX, but they are A) outdated B) don't really implement more than a filesystem redirection.

I'm currently reading the ATAPI code command blocks, so I can get a handle on what would need to be implemented, from the device point of view, when making an ATAPI emulator. Again, not just CD-ROMs, but tape drives, etc. Also, where would I go for information on the differences between a SCSI CD-ROM emulator and an ATAPI 'SCSI across IDE' emulator?

Thanks, Joe

Well it seems I found some information on the t10.org and t13.org (official SCSI and ATA sites, respectively) sites in additon to some hardware hacker sites (build your own MP3 player, etc.). The documents at the standards sites seem to be full of contradictions but at least it's a start and it's FREE. Can't complain about free lol. If anyone else has any information, please tell post a reply. I know this isn't some weekend project, but I really want to see it happen.
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