Why is CloneBD so slow?

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    I even do not understand why the actual CloneBD is so slow at all? The same source-media, the same target-media, the same Hardware gives aprox. a sampling rate of 1/2 the normal speed only. So it needs hours. Using competitors software it gives double or third time speed. Is there something that may change in future? Thank you!
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    You might want to give more details about exactly what it is you are doing, Where the source is coming from, what kind of output etc. It can also depend on what kind of output you are making with the other software. Different quality settings will give different encode times. For example, BD Rebuilder will take about 1-1.5 hours to do a film on my system on the 'Good(very fast' setting but about 5-6 hours on the 'Highest(very slow)' setting, whereas CloneBD doesn't give those kind of options, it always try to do the best quality it can with the bitrate you choose.
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    Possible Answer

    My CloneBD software was predicting up to 18 hours to process/burn a movie. I was livid.

    Finally, after some detective work, I found the answer to the problem. I was trying to burn a 48GB (dual-layer) movie on to a 25GB (single layer) disc. CloneBD was simply trying to do its job: compress 48GB of data to fit on a 25GB disc.

    When I changed to a 50GB (dual-layer) disc, my problem was solved. Now that same movie processes/burns in a little over 3 hours. Granted that's a lot longer than a DVD using CloneDVD, but we're also talking about 7 - 10 times as much data to deal with.

    Hope this is a simple fix to your problem. If not, don't give up. The answer is out there somewhere.
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    Unfortunately that won't help, the reason yours is now taking 3 hours is because that's probably how long it takes for your system to copy the DL disc from the Blu-ray to the hard drive then back onto a DL BD-R, it's not really doing any compression when doing this operation.

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    difference between trial-version and full-version?

    Thanks for all replies!
    The Trial Version had about 25 or less frames per second, now, the same hardware, after activating the full-version key, it gives about 140 frames per second. Now it is as quick I never saw before. Is there any difference between these two versions?
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    You may notice the watermark is missing so with one to one copies no re-encoding.