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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by pronto, Dec 7, 2018.

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    sorry ch3vr0n if this is the wrong place to ask this particular question

    I've ripped a few 4k Blu-rays now and I use a stand alone media player for playback. today I was just messing about with Pdvd 15 on my pc and I thought I would test if it could play any 4k Blu-ray so I mounted the iso
    and tried to play it with Pdvd 15 and it didn't even see it so I opened the mounted Blu-ray with explorer and
    chose the biggest M2TS file and tried to play that, but a window popped up from cyberlink telling me that
    Pdvd had stopped working and to send this information onwards (I didn't)

    So I tried another 4k Blu-ray and again Pdvd failed to see it but when I played the biggest M2TS file this time Pdvd did play the M2TS and it played the Dolby Atmos track and all the info was there bit rate film size etc

    So after a lot more testing of 4K blu-rays this way.I found that the only ones that would not play at all
    on Pdvd were DISNEY 4k blu-rays ….. WHY I wonder ?
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    No idea, but this section is fine. It's general chat. Uhd by itself has very powerful system requirements, powerdvd on top of that has its own, add you're not meant to pay m2ts files in file mode like you're doing (dragging biggest file). Blu-ray discs at meant to by played in disc mode only

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  3. hamisht

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    According to Cyberlink, PowerDVD 15 doesn't even support 4K discs, which means it wouldn't support an ISO format of a 4K either.
  4. pronto

    pronto Active Member

    exactly that's why I bought a stand alone media player knowing Pdvd would not play 4k uhd blu-rays iso, but it handles the M2TS files of the 4k uhd blu-rays iso with aplomb, so I get the full movie with Atmos sound but no menus, but I'm
    puzzled by the Disney 4k uhd blu-rays iso M2TS files not playing, and why also Disney 4k uhd blu-rays seem to be problematic with sound dropout (Atmos) and lip sync errors. There is a thread on MYCE about this
  5. James

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    I suggest you use CloneBD to convert to mkv and play this.
  6. pronto

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    James thanks for you suggestion , but maybe I'm not making myself clear I can play all my Blu-ray iso images with the stand alone player I bought , I have no need to play them with PDVD 15, I was just messing around with the many different 4k uhd Blu-ray's

    on PDVD 15 and noticed that all my uhd Blu-ray's by Disney would not play. and it was for that reason I asked the question "Why does this happen". is it the way certain discs are authored or is there more security say on a Disney disc , I have seen posts

    on sound quality with Disney uhd Blu-rays low volume and lip-sync menus not working..... maybe Its a stupid question I asked , maybe there's to many reasons , but I thought I would ask the redfox people as they are a lot more technical than I ever will be