Why do some HD-DVD's play fine in PowerDVD 6.5 but others don't

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  1. ibglowin

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    I have a Dell XPS 410 running PowerDVD 7.1 and everything works just fine there for playback. I have a Mac Mini running Boot Camp in the Master bedroom running PowerDVD 6.5. You can't get PowerDVD 7.0 or higher to run on the Mac Mini as it fails the graphics card test or I would obviously be running that. With that said I have a growing list of movies that just won't play in PDVD6.5. They start to play for a second and then quit instantly. If you try and open the .EVO file by itself, same problem. Is this a difference in encoding? Anybody have any ideas here? Could it be something in the XPL file? Its just too weird.

    HD-DVD's that will not play in PowerDVD 6.5

    V for Vendetta
    March of the Penguins
    Charlie and the Choclate Factory
    Forbidden Planet
    A Scanner Darkly
    The Departed
    The Lake House

    HD-DVD's that work in PowerDVD 6.5

    Ant Bully
    Van Helsing
    Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift
    Brokeback Mountain
    12 Monkeys
    Apollo 13
    Children of Men
    Chronicles of Riddick
    King Kong
    Lucky # Slevin
    Phantom of the Opera
    Pitch Black
    Space Cowboys
    The Mummy
    The Thing

    Any help here would be much appreciated!
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    I am having issues too on a XP rig through.

    After the movie is backed up and I try playing it with 6.5 I am either getting crashes or I am having a small window in upper left corner while the movie is in full screen.

    I cant shut it off either. When I try to turn of u-control 6.5 crashes immediatly.
  3. ibglowin

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    I have XP as well running on my Mac Mini as well. If you can you should try and upgrade to 7.1 at least as U control works somewhat better in that version. If you can't upgrade then you can comment out the U control stuff in the XPL file. The small PIP your seeing is part of the U control stuff.

    The first thing I do after ripping to the hard drive is to comment out all subtitles and sub-video and sub-audio streams in the XPL file.