why do my copied dvd's not work after a couple of months?

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/BD Blanks' started by javavrik, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. javavrik

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    When I copy dvd's using clone dvd, the dvd's only are usable for a couple of months. they either shut down or will not start at all. I am using a sony vaio with a sony dvd drive and Verbatim dvd-r's or phillips dvd's. Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thanks, javavrik
  2. DetroitBaseball

    DetroitBaseball Well-Known Member

    Maybe they are getting damaged??
  3. jvc

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    Are you using paper stick-on labels?

    Normally, I'd say bad media. Memorex is bad for that. But Verbatim is good media. I wouldn't use Philips media either.
  4. gravyonmychin

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    Have you picked them up and got fingerprints on the readable surface. The acids/alkali in the sweat will breakdown the organic dye and the laser will not then read the information therein, likewise with strong sunlight.

    RAMROD Well-Known Member

    sounds to like your using paper stick on labels i learned the hard way that after you backup your movie it will play that day but after a couple of months the movie will not play it may start up but after a few minutes it will start to freeze up a very good media to use is [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Taiyo Yuden i have had to many problems out of memorex i don't know about all Phillips media but i do use them for my lightscribe and haven't made in coasters yet sony is another very good media. the paper labels i mentioned cause extra weight to the disc when the ink sets it makes the disc to heavy for most dvd players to play back and since most of the labels dont go on straight it adds more weight to one side of the disc causing it to wobble in the player.
  6. MMM

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    How and where do you store you DVDs? Extreme temperature and humidity could cause even the best media to deteriorate.
    The DVD burner might need an update in it's firmware.
  7. Whisperer

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    If you buy cheapo or non-manufacturing brand names media (meaning memorex, sony, TDK, Richo etc) it deteriorates in as short as a few months to be unplayable. Buy brands that make their own media and are in control of their own materials and quality control. Verbatim is the only reliable brand available in US walk-in retail stores. Even better, buy Taiyo Yuden from online outlets like Rima.com

  8. jvc

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    Maxell 8X +R discs (made in Japan) can be bought in stores, and are very good. They code out as Hitachi Maxell's. Sony +R, 8X MIJ (made in Japan), are Taiyo's. I can't say about -R's. I quit burning them a long time ago. A lot of people like the Sony 8X MIT (made in Taiwan) discs. They code out as Sonys........ If you can find some old FujiFilm 8X MIJ's, they'll also be Taiyo Yudens.
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  9. CoryThuy

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    I have 300+ movies, some even as old as 3 years ago... all with paper labels on them and havent had a problem with any of them because of the label. Most labels come with a chinsy little template to line it up in a cd case, but if u use a label press it centers it perfectly everytime. Just a small plastic stand in the shape of a cd wiht a button in the middle:)

    BTW, if u do cross over and go to labels...heres a great site for em, havent came across a movie i havent found on here,(other than a few motocross movies and lower budget ones)
  10. MMM

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    For those that do have paper labels already on the majority of your discs, like me, and definitely don't want to waste time taking them off(even if the glue may deteriorate the DVD over time), get a Sony player with the Precision Drive 3 System. Trust me, it works! You'll be very happy with these players. I've found that, if you burned your DVD-R right and on good media, it is the BEST solution to all those annoying common problems with freezing, skipping, and pixelation during playback that still happens.

    CoryThuy probably uses a Sony player with a Precision Drive in it.
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