why all the fuss about how good shrink 3.2 is?

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    i often read how good shrink 3.2 is.i've used it for nearly 3 years now-mainly for editing bits of footage from within chapters of main movie,and i think it is a simple yet excellent bit of software i wouldn't wanna be without.

    i just bought the UK PAL version of grease.
    i did a back up with clonedvd2 and the disc burned right up to the outer edge of the disc (i only backed up the main movie).
    i did the same thing with shrink but did a deep analysis of the disc first.once it had done the deep analysis,i did a re-author and it created the necessary dvd files in a video ts folder.
    when i burned the shrink 3.2 files using clonedvd2 write exisiting data option,the disc burned up to about a half inch of the outer edge.
    anyway,i viewed both discs and i can honestly say i couldn't tell the difference between clonedvd2 and shrink copies of the grease film.so it seems to me doing a deep analysis is a bit of a waste of time?? or did i do something wrong.the grease film took about 45 mins for a deep analysis.
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    As, I understand it you get a much better picture with deep analysis especially when watching on a Big screen.
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    It's 100% individual taste. If you find that CloneDVD2 works well for you and you're happy with the output, then that is your best option due to speed. However, if you compare a movie such as Gladiator or one of the Lord of the Rings movies, you will find there is a very big difference between DVD Shrink + Deep Analysis and CloneDVD2's compression. In short, use what you're happy with. For some, NO transcoding engine is sufficient. Personally, I tailor my backup solution to the movie at hand rather than a one size fits all solution.
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    You should never burn to the edges of discs. This is one of Shrinks great features, it allows you to keep away from those highly troublesome areas.

    Deep Analysis is one of those "Eye of the beholder" things. Some people see no change to picture quality, and some can see a great difference. I use deep analysis on all discs. I don't use the quality enhancements though, but this is only due to time constraints. The times I have used them, the copies were of exceptional quality, but the rip time was longer that the movie itself. Many say any transcoding engine is garbage, but shrink does a remarkable job of making quality backups of both main movie or complete disc, sometimes at VERY high compression rates.

    I can get an ISO of main movie only using analysis in about 25 min. It only takes 45 min to an hour to get the whole disc.
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    I can make this blanket statement:

    DVDShrink, using the Deep Analysis mode, offers the best transcoding for the money of any software you can get. :D :D :D

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    Dvd Shrink is a thing of the past In my opinion.Clone Dvd does the same thing as Dvd Shrink in half the time.I think technology has made it alot easier to copy movies.Dvd Shrink takes about 2 hours to analyse the disc,another hour to encode and an additional half hour to write the tracks(burn to disc). Dvd Shrink sucks!! I love Clone Dvd!

    Great Job Slysoft.
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    If you are going to compare quality of compression CloneDVD doesn't win and I own CloneDVD and love what it does do. Sure, CloneDVD is faster but is it better when you are specifically discussing compressed output? Nope, it isn't. DVD Shrink or Nero Recode will have better output. But, if you really want a great result you're better off using DVD Rebuilder Pro with Cinema Craft Encoder.
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    Then you are not using Shrink to best of it's capabilities.
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    I have to disagree with those numbers you're throwing around there...those seem like numbers I'd see from using DVD-RB Pro. Analysis mode takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes for me. Compression up to an hour for a really tough movie to compress but typically 20-40 minutes on average. And since I burn with IMGBurn no matter what I use to compress the movie, it takes a whopping 8 minutes to burn every time. The output of Recode and Shrink is without a doubt superior to the CloneDVD transcoding engine. CloneDVD is faster, yes, but, faster does NOT always equal better...
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    My newly assembled tower completes deep analysis in 7 to 8 minutes - and encoding in another 7 to 8 minutes. DVDShrink takes full advantage of both processors in my AMD 64x2 based computer. I also encode using separate sata3 drives as source and target. To be fair, when I back up a dvd, I generally only take the movie if it won't fit on a dvd-5 without additional compression. If the main title fits as is - and there is room left over - I might add some extras, if I think I might watch them while traveling, or at the cabin, etc.

    Others have stated that transcoding quality is better in DVDShrink than in CloneDVD2 - and I would reiterate and agree with that statement.
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    Holy ****!! That's one beast of a machine you got there! :D I'll be upgrading my video servers at some point, but, I'm waiting because I want them to have HD cable card support. But damn, man, that's impressive. :)
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    Epox 570sli motherboard, 4 gb 6400 ram, amd 64x2 3800 processor, pair of Maxtor 500gb/sata3 drives, Sapphire 256 mb video. The processor is low speed, due to pricing and a belief that newer processors will drive down the price of high speed AMD/AM2 64x2 processors. This cpu will be upgraded to at least 6000 when the prices look right.
    All parts bought at sale prices - even the Coolermaster case (which is really excellent). The system it replaced was over 5 years old - so needless to say - I am in "hog heaven"!! And the old system is the guinea pig for new software, beta testing, experiments, etc.
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    Snikes, I'm officially jealous! :D That's a very nice rig you got there!!
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    I run a amd 64 3700+ 1gb ram (2 diff speed) 2 sata hds one for os and the other a storage of anime and dvd images until burnt shrink take about 20-25 mintued to image an entire dvd to a image and about 10-15 to burn it to a dvd dvd +R /dvd dl

    i used dvd shrink 3.2 all the time until i needed a newer version as some of the anime not able to image right so I trying the slyfox software . but it looks like the dvd-rom might be at fault as it erroring on other media too. unless the problem I had making a dvd ( on clonedvd2 is an contuine issue I will swithc back to shrink 3.2 I love to find a newer version .. I found it and my nero weer a great pair only had 2 bad burns and bother were my fault and not software. with clone dvd2 i had 3 bad burns in 1 day and the blank dvd dl are not cheap ( when on a fixed in come )
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