Which UHD drives does any dvd support?

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    Maybe a newbie question. I came across supported discs, but not drives. Someone over at the monkey forum said any dvd does not support offical UHD drives, that it only supports friendly UHD drives. Is this true that I need a friendly UHD drive versus an official UHD drive in order to backup UHD discs?
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    It it wouldn't be true, it wouldn't have been said. AnyDVD only works with friendly models
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    Ah bummer, ok thanks.
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    You can flash the NS60 to ASUS for ripping purposes. I'm not sure if it retains it's full BD burning capabilities making good burns. SamuriHL will know...
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    Afaik SamurilH did a testmod crossflashing with his WH16NS60 (offcial UHD drive) to e.g. an Asus BW16D1HT 3.02 firmware earlier to get it friendly. But afaik he had modded bit otherwise than described in Teddy's guides:
    Before he had tested with LG/Asus utility, taking Asus BW-16D1HT firmware for crossflashing his LG WH16NS60 official to UHD-friendly, it went fine for UHD-friendly (ripping etc) afaik,
    but there was trouble with burning (with the Asus friendly firmware).
    So he did a special mod, which the patched LG/utility wouldn't flash, which requires risky Dosflash
    (having a full original-firmware-safety-backup-dump from Dosflash (in READ-Mode ONLY!) earlier, once having the unit bought and first at hand in the beginning!)

    Short story:
    SamurilH special UHD-official to UHD friendly mod:
    Encryption data from source drive's original firmware (WH16NS60) exported into target-firmware (Asus BW16D1HT 3.02 firmware-dump)
    Laser calibration data, NOT EXPORTED from source drive's firmware to target-firmware. (target's firmware its CB data left unchanged in the target firmware)
    (Asus BW16D1HT 3.02 firmware-dump instead Clean-fw taken for editing, because a Clean-FW, DOES NOT include any laser-CB-data, as SamurilH intended to copy ONLY the source's drive signature in the target-firmware.
    The LG/ASUS patched utility wouldn't write the part of the CB-data + encryption signature (so his editings also not flashed along)
    So risky Dosflashing that into unit's EEPROM (overwriting whole EEPROM),

    Teddy's guide: "Converting UHD official drive to UHD-friendly and vice versa":
    Encryption data from source drive's original firmware (WH16NS60) exported into target-firmware (into an Asus BW16D1HT 3.02 Clean-firmware)
    Laser calibration data, EXPORTED AS WELL from source drive to target-firmware)
    in Teddies guide: target firmware = "Clean"-firmware

    Risky Dosflashing that into unit's EEPROM (overwriting whole EEPROM)
    Principially (target-firmware file for editing, might also be firmware-dump instead of a clean-firmware, because both the laser-CB-data and the encryption signature from source-drive's firmware-file are move into target-fw-file)
    The LG/Asus patched utility leave the original source-firmware's CB+encryption signature unchanged in the drive's EEPROM.
    (seen from this angle: Teddies conversion guide method is needless anyway with the new safer method)
    LG/Asus patched utility works getting WH16NS60 UHD-official friendly, crossflashing to Asus BW-16D1HT 3.02 but has trouble burning.
    LG/Asus patched utility works getting WH16NS60 official friendly, crossflashing to LG B/WH16NS55 1.02 (and probably lower) + with full burning capabilities.

    But all methods, neither Teddies conversion guide, nor the patched LG/Asus utility nor SamurilH's mod can make an UHD-friendly-drive (or UHD Friendly-drive with UHD Un-Friendly firmware) to UHD-official, tested NOT working from Mike
    and SamurilH reported that there was more to the WH16NS60, probably due to the a new -AACS 2.x crypto-chip existing in the WH16NS60
    (But other way round it principially was tested working, to convert an LG WH16NS60 official to UHD-friendly)

    But SamurilH's special mod is very complicated, hexediting and might require also dangerous Dosflash. And SamurilH special mod afaik isn't mentioned in any guides, afaik at least not by Teddy.

    And read about somewhere here also, it/s.th. else wouldn't work at all getting WH160NS60 frineldy, and s.th. already tested unsuccessfully by experienced Mike. But maybe I misunderstood that a bit.

    Me myself don't have trust in myself in trying SamurilH's mod out. Especially wouldn't without backup-dump. If were even thinking of using "Dosflash" and that modding, I strongly recommend to use Dosflashing only for dumping (reading original firmware/currently updated working firmware).
    If attemtping such special mod it is mandatory to have original firmware backup dump first, because the essential specific original area not to be touched normally , the safe LG/Asus firmware flasher protect, is modified in SamurilH's special mod, and can only be flashed with risky Dosflash!
    And flashing any kind of "Clean firmware" is only for patched LG/Asus utility, NOT for Dosflash (=bricked unit without working backup dump!!)

    I'm not 100% certain, SamurilH knows better. ;):)


    (Taking patched flasher for crossflashing WH16NS60 to Asus firmware, I assume with or without out SamurilH mod, causes burn failures, UHD-friendly might have worked at least.
    And the patched LG/Assu flasher won't flash the specially hybrid-modded-part from SamurilH anyway, as they don't touch the area-part in the firmware, in which SamurilH did his special mod to regain full burning capabilites, he took Dosflash to flash his mod, but only there, and only having full original backup dump of original units' firmware made first, otherwise all lost unit bricked ;) )
    Also to get a WH16NS60 official friendly, afaik WH16NS60 1.00 firmware is already UHD-friendly. But I'm not 100% sure. Just read that from somewhere from s.o, who might be wrong. Anyway the patched Asus/LG flashers are the way to go.

    The "mk-firmware-pack-20190319" by Mike e.g. includes firmware "HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_WH16NS60-1.01-NM00100-211711202000.bin" in the WH16NS60 folder. Is this friendly/made friendly or "only" downgrade-enabled?

    Keep in mind, also Mike's 3.10 Asus firmware blocks Dosflash access generally. So you will no longer be able to make backup-safety dump from your unit's firmware! Afaik it is still downgrade-enabled with the safe method (patched LG Asus utility) with a specially downgrade-enabled "Clean"-firmware from Mike's "mk-firmware-pack-20190319"; or "(Modified_new_fixes) ASUS ODD FW Changer + UHD Friendly Firmwares.zip / LG_Downgrade_Enabled_Firmware.zip" / Downgrade Enabled Firmware.zip w(ith the "DE_flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BH16NS55_1.02.bin") etc.
    Aftern downgrading with that lower version (with patched LG Asus utility) you get Dosflash-acess back generally (tested myself) (only for dumping Read-Out firmware, recommended,NOT flashing!!"
    (Just as a tip/(sitenote) in case s.o. wants to try out SamurilH's mod on WH16NS60 to friendly Asus-firmware together + with full burning capabilites (like with the BH16NS55 /BH16NS40_(NS50-compatible firmwares), and needs backup safety dump!) but was having a blocked firmware with e.g. also a newer stock firmware, to do that).
    (+Would need to find a good guide how to do SamurilH's special stuff.)

    If HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_WH16NS60-1.01-NM00100-211711202000.bin already has UHD has that, it is all much easier.:) Or just take the Asus BW16D1HT 3.10 mk firmware for crossflashing BW16NS60 friedly (not sure about burning issues, because it will take the CB-data from the source firmware which afaik made burning issues on WH16NS60 (in this case) crossflashed to other model-number line)
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    If you flash the NS60 to NS40, it will be friendly, work with AnyDVD re: UHD's, and retain all burning capabilities.


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    You mean, not if you flash to B/W/H16NS40 (revision NS50) firmware?

    You surely didn't mean with "NS40" the B/W/H16NS40 firmware (with revision NS40 )?

    Because all I had read before is, that firmware B/W/H16NS40 (NS40 revision) was not UHD friendly(!) :censored: Probably a tiping mistake ;)

    But also read about, that there were different types of NS40 and/or NS50 firmwares out there.

    So do you mean B/W/14NS50 firmware? (E.g. DE_flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH14NS40_1.02_NS50.bin) from downgrade enabled firmware from Mike-downgrade-enabled-firmware, and/or "HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_BH14NS50-1.01-NM00000-211711281847.bin" (included in Mike's mk-firmware pack)?
    (which are also downgrade anabled (for the LG/Asus patched flashers) included in Mike's-firmware packs)

    Or "DE_flash_HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_BH16NS40_1.02_NS50.bin" firmware to crossflash a B/W16NS60 to UHD-friendly + full burning capabilities ??
    Or that one: HL-DT-ST-BD-RE_BH16NS40-NS50-1.03-NM00000-211711201943.bin ??

    "NS40" only is a bit unspecific. (It's not clear if all firmwares (with also an "NS40") in filename are working)
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    First do not try to follow what I did to my drive. Dosflash should not be used and especially not the way I did it. You have to know exactly what you're doing to not end up bricking the drive.

    With that out if the way just flash the ns55 firmware to the ns60 drive and be done with it. That's friendly firmware and can be flashed with the windows flashers and retains burning capability. And it's not confusing like the multiple ns40 drives and firmware floating around.

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  9. SamuriHL

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    And to clarify, no, ns60 1.00 is NOT uhd friendly. It's supported by everything other than anydvd but not because it's friendly. It's official on any of the ns60 firmware. I keep mine on 1.00 but I don't use it with anydvd. I use my bw16d1ht with mk 3.10 for anydvd.

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    Yeah, sorry for not being specific, I wrote that in a hurry.

    Right now, can't get to the exact file I used to flash ....

    AnyDVD reports the firmware is WH16NS40 1.02, if that helps.

    If not, I guess it may be easier to use the NS55 firmware as SamuriHL says since it doesn't have multiple versions, but I don't have any first-hand experience with it. I don't know if SamuriHL does but I do know I've been using this version of WH16NS40 for quite some time now and have had no problems with it whatsoever in terms of functionality, read or rip speed, anything...

    So I can recommend it.

    When I get access to my Desktop, I can look up the exact bin file used if you want.....


    The Downgrade Enabled bin file I used was ==>


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    I have used the ns55 firmware and it works fine.

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    Did s.o. really test (ripping) UHDs with an UHD-official drive with any-kind of ripping software at all?
    Afaik at least in the past deUHD for example required UHD-friendly (not 100% sure if s.th. changed now), and who knows for sure if the "monkey"-forum/sellers is telling the truth.

    LOL wants just to get some further information on that site, but requires all the Java-Script code (when allowing main page site's java code, but still not working,
    granting googletagmanager.com, but not helping), and now it seems it requires allowing all java-script, including facebook.com ...
    Want to accept cookies (often more or less unavoidly), also not possible...

    Using Vivaldi browser with noscript and ad-blocking.

    Will probably need to disable adblocking features.

    That's another thing I find very good from RedFox. Its site mostly doesn't require any Java-Script (there's only for the main adress of its site), nor any cookies, nor disabling adblocking.(y)
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    I've no idea what you're asking but if you're asking of an official drive like my NS60 can be used with non-AnyDVD solutions with official firmware, then yes, it can. It's why my NS60 1.00 is dedicated to another software.