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which program best suits my needs?


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Feb 8, 2007
Hey im thinking of getting a program to copy a few dvds i have, i have always heard or any dvd and checked out their site and was impressed, but didnt know which program suited me best i had a friend a long time ago that used to burn movies and suddenly there was some sort or coding that blocked it and they couldnt do it anymore someone lead me in the right direction if i do do this, also i seen the anydvd mobile thing and it can convert to an ipod format but can it or anything else convert to a zune format that would be playable thanks all info is a great help thanks and please dont bash the newbie
Hi klppride. To backup DVDs you will need to decrypt them and then compress them (if need be). Use AnyDVD to decrypt the DVD and then you could use CloneDVD to compress, or DVD Shrink.

Try this thread as it tells you a bit about the two products. There are many ways achieve what you want with a DVD, but those two are a good starting point.

so do i even need clone dvd? i already have unlocked any dvd and have unregeistered version on clone dvd but everytime i go to backup the dvd it keeps saying drive is not ready and wont reconize there is a blank dvd in he drive ive tried to different brands maxwell dvd-r and memorex dvd+r, i was tihnking maybe i looked over ever having and cd-r drive but ei checked and when i pull up my computer it pops up as dvd/cdr drive so i dont know what els to do
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You have unlocked AnyDVD? You mean you've registered the program?

You can still use CloneDVD. There is no problem with the program.

As for the media you are using, try buying Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim. They are the best.
ys i did mean i registered it still having the problem, when insert a blank unused dvd into my drive it always says drive is not ready is there anything to walk me through the actuall back up process taking a dvd and making a copy, sorry i cant figure out if im having problems or im not doing something right or what any help would be great thanks kyle