Which Playlist For "Glass" UHD 4K ?

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    Here are two log files, one for the regular Blu-ray and the other for the UHD version.
    CLoneBD chooses 800mpls as the playlist for the regular Blu-ray, but on the UHD version it chooses 801mpls even though there is an 800 playlist on the UHD version, why is that ?

    When I click on the "Summery" button of CloneBD and check the box "show inactive titles" 800 playlsit doesn't show up there at all, but it does on the regular Blu-ray, why doesn't the 800 playlsit show up in the inactive title list on the UHD version and why doesn't it choose the 800 playlist on the UHD version ?
    Why would the studios choose a different playlist for the regular Blu-ray and not the same for the UHD Blu-ray ?

    Mounting 800 or 801 playlist on the UHD version on MPC-HC both show a run time of 2:09:02
    Just to note that CloneBD shows in both versions that the disc that the run time is 2:09:01 and not 2:09:2, don't know why that is and if it even matters ?

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