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    i have a legal copy of hd-dvd. havent been doing much with it lately as have been waiting for blu ray and hd to come out and down...i found a sata blu ray id like to get but what hd player/burner should i get that is sata so i can rip the hd movies or can i just use my sata dvd burner and hd-dvd?
    also i guess i should as is there a place to get the xml scipts for the movies? like i said i havent been doing much with film for a year as i have been very sick but now that i can get to my pooter just need to catch up on all the new stuff but unsure about rippping hd movies and then the codes to burn em...not a newbie ...just been sick for the last year so please dont flame me...thanks...paccman
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    What do you mean by HD Movies, are you referring to HD DVD or Blu-ray? If HD DVD then the writers are very rare, and even if you find one HD-DVD-r's don't tend to play back in set top players. If you're referring to Blu-ray then the LG Blu-ray Writer is probably the best one to go for as it Reads/Writes Blu-ray and DVD, and will also read HD DVD