Which audio stream, Dolby AC3 or DTS?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by World Gone Nutz, May 13, 2008.

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    I've searched the posts for a 1/2 hour and didn't find an answer on my own, so here goes. To get the quality level up sufficiently, I only want to select either Dolby AC3 or DTS. I'm just wondering if one is preferred over the other and why. Also, is there any reason I can't deselect one or the other? Any insight into what everyone does with the audio stream selections to save data space for quality would be much appreciated.
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    Without going into details I will say that I always remove DTS audio. I do not find it to be better sounding and it just wastes space when I make backups. DTS is a hassle and not worth the effort, IMHO.

    Check out the technical details of DTS vs Dolby Digital (AC-3).
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  3. Fernando

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    Well DTS is better that AC3. But the difference is marginal.

    On the other hand most players (hardware, software) handle AC3 better. So I prefer AC3.
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    And the size difference is major - DTS really sucks up the space. If you are burning to DVD9 (dual layer) it doesn't matter, but for DVD5 AC3 is the way to go to get more space for the video.
    OP - you can deselect either one (or even both and just use 2 channel audio if you wanted to) in the stream configuration for the title on the left.

    To make the AC3 setting the default, load a dvd with DTS and AC3 soundtracks and then check 6 channel, and uncheck 2 channel and DTS in the righthand pane (stream preferences). You can set preferred subtitle(s) there as well. These will only appear if both soundtracks are on the dvd, but will be remembered for the future.


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  5. slayer0969

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    i always remove DTS; saves space when using DVD5 option with CloneDVD