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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by FiGgS, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. FiGgS

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    I am a registered user of GJ and was sadened to hear of its demise through Maplom i currently own version and since the release of this version there had been updates to it and was wondering how i could get my hands on this latest full version as i have upgraded to vista and can not now recieve the updates due to the shutdown of the site :(
    Has anyone got this version they could could host for us until Slysoft make their long awaited press release as i cannot get some of my games to work that would work on this latest version?
    Please any help would be much appreciated
    Thank You!
  2. phasechange

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    Release v2.8.17.500 - release
    * Fixed compatibility issue with some games.
    * Fixed a bug that was preventing the Game Jackal window position being saved correctly.
    * Fixed a bug with the advanced profile options dialog.
    * Fixed a bug that could cause a re-install Game Jackal error message to appear.
    * Removed balloon tips for "plugin type" profiles (this includes plugins such as the no cd plugin etc).
    * Added an notification dialog that is display when profiling is complete.

    Release v2.8.17.495 - release
    * Fixed compatibility issue with some games.
    * Small interface improvements

    You could logging a support trouble ticket see if they send you the 500 build (it works nicely with Supreme Commander). I don't know if they are still allowed to but try the support website.

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    to be really honest I'd say don't worry too much. I installed Vista onto my system (new build, not upgrade) and when i tried to install GameJackal and register it I couldnt. I've tried fiddling the registry to add in my Profile Key which worked and GJ now runs but it refuses to work on Vista for me.

    I am eagerly awaiting news of an update from Slysoft but for now I run my games with the discs in.

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    I logged a support ticket for version and still no reply its been 2 days since i logged it yet another program i have paid for and cant use.
    This is very annoying when you purchase something and it dosnt offer what is promised apon purchase:( :mad:
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    Would you be able to send me a copy as I had to format my drive and ended with an older version. I would really like to get the newest version I can.

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    Tried that WinZip says it's a bad zip file and will not open it.
  8. Monguse

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    The older version ( is working just fine in Vista for me and before I formatted my drive the last released version was working fine as well. I just need to find a copy of the last released version. As the older version is all I have.
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    Thanks Charlie.

    I downloaded it from Softpedia before but it was a lower version number at that time. They must have just updated it. 8)

    I also tried a support ticket at GJ's website but didn't hear back. Its been over a week now. As long as the version from softpedia works, it won't matter though.:agree:

    EDIT: Well, I just downloaded it and it is corrupted. :(

    EDIT Again: I tried downloading it from the 2nd link and not only was it a faster download but it is NOT corrupted!
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  11. Charlie

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    Just knowing about this software makes me want to get it now. I must wait till slysoft is ready for retail though.
  12. InTheFlow

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    It really is an awesome program. I found I had much fewer problems using it than when I was using Alcohol 52%. There were several games I couldn't get to work with Alcohol but with GJ, it was no issue.

    I'm really glad Sly is going to take it over. :clap:
  13. Charlie

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    I have always used alcohol 120% and mount the image but that takes allot of space if you know what I mean.
  14. InTheFlow

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    Yep, I know what you mean. I had problems with blacklisting though...

    Anyways as an update, I said earlier that I was able to successfully download what I thought was version .500 from softpedia. However, it is actually version .445 so who knows where .500 is.

    It would be great if SlySoft would host that version of the software for us. Trying to find it is a pain in the keester.

    SlySoft- If you're reading, will you hook us up with version .500? :bowdown:
  15. FiGgS

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    My support ticket i lodged was answered today and they reset my d/l to the latest available retail version check it out here:


    I am now running which was the latest retail release they may take a little while to get back to you but i assume they will :)
  16. InTheFlow

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    They got back to me today too! Great support by them even though it is no longer 'officially supported'...you can't ask for more than that! :clap:
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    i made a support ticket to the game jackal support team, they responded a few days later by giving me access to the latest .500 build of gamejackal. tell them you're account name and also tell them that you do not have a backup copy of the lasted gamejackal build. they'll hopefully help you out.


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    Test my sig....also the post is out dated......CHEERS