Where do you want to copy today?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by bcrudo, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. bcrudo

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    Where do you want to copy today?

    I would like to know what difference is between the iPod video option and the iPod video 5.hen (hires) option. Unfortunately the slysoft help docs don't explain this difference.
  2. rockethead

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    iPod Video vs. iPod Video 5.gen (hires)

    Yes, I was wondering the same thing. What is the difference between these two settings?
  3. rockethead

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    The only difference that I am seeing is that the iPod Video 5.gen (hires) option gives one additional option when selecting which resolution to use. (640 x 480)
  4. James

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    The 5.gen (hires) option is for the 5th generation of iPods, supporting hires over the tv-out connector.
  5. Lightbringer

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    ok, so does selecting a lower resolution affect how well i see it on my TV? Would i notice a difference between the resolutions on my ipod? (Yea i know i could try it out myself, but i figure i'd save time by asking;)). THanks
  6. Aristomache

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    I'd like to know that ^ too.
  7. Peer

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    On the iPod you would see no difference between 320 and 640. Just wasted space, that's all.
    An additional difference between the two profiles is that the "old" profile additionaly applies a fix to the video, to work with older iPod firmwares that wouldn't play otherwise.
    The the 5th gen profile also converts a little bit faster (not much, though).