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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by dtsig, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    Once again the mobile screen has gone 'off screen'. It was minimized while working. I clicked OK that process was completed then clicked on Mobile on task bar and .. nothing .. nada .. nowhere to be found.

    Last time this happened i had to re-install the product to get it back (after trying all the different 'settings' for screen size.

    I have sent the info to support before but thought i would try here ..

    Dell Optiplex gx520
    xp pro
    1280x1024 (but have tried everything down to 800x600)
    Plug&Plan monitor (intell 82945g express chipset
  2. malfunct

    malfunct Member

    You should be able to set the start coordinates for the window via the registry.

    The key named:


    has values under it named WindowsFrame* which look like they should set the starting height, width, left side location, top location and minimized/maximized state.

    If you paste the following in a text file named cloneDVDmobilestartposition.reg and save it then double click the file and say ok you will get a decent starting size that I use on my 1280x800 laptop screen which should also be a reasonably good size for most monitors.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

  3. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    Of course you are right .. i should have mentioned the registry. I am just not sure that SW should behave this way .. or that a user should HACK the registry.

    Glad you pointed that out though ..

  4. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    This happened again on this machine. I think that the UI has a problem with DELL:mad:

    the settings are

    "WindowFrameLeft"=dword:0xffff8300 (4294935296)
    "WindowFrameTop"=dword:0xffff8300 (4294935296)

    Me thinks these boundries are just a bit off <G>
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  5. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    Hello .. hello slysoft .. happened again at first starup .. hello ..
  6. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Sorry, can't reproduce this.
    Do you have dual-monitor setup? Did you by chance minimize the software and before restoring it switch the primary display? This would shuffle the virtual screen coordinates for applications that are currently minimized.

    Any sort of "virtual desktop" installed, that enhances the desktop size to more than the physical screen size?

    I can't think of ther reasons right now.

    Otherwise: please tell me the exact steps that would lead to this effect.
  7. dtsig

    dtsig Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply ..

    No, single monitor setup. Boy I wish I had 2 monitors here <G>

    It really is as simple as I mentioned. Start it up, rip a dvd, restart, rip a dvd, restart, rip a dvd. I have noticed that when the UI starts growing then gets to the point that it cant be resized down, that that is when it will normally write out the wrong bits to the registry. Then upon starting the registry is all out of whack and of course creates the window in the wrong place.

    I know that inconsistant, non-repeatable in the shop is a big problem. It is just odd that i see this 'growing' on both my Dell and my laptop .. but only the Dell locks the size so it can't be resized and only the Dell gets bad values in the registry.

    Does dvdMobile write out to the registry on exit? If so .. why?

    Thanks for checking in.
  8. Botia

    Botia Member

    Position and Size

    I may have a clue as to what is happening. I have my task bar on the right side of the screen. This appears to affect CloneDVDMobile. I think it is accounting for the task bar in some calculations and not in others. I know that previous versions of Windows had this problem with some of their API calls.

    A work-around for when a window is offscreen:
    * Select the window via task manager, alt+tab, or other means
    * press alt+space to select the system menu
    * press m to select move
    * press and arrow key to begin the move
    * use your mouse to position the window
  9. Gamma0203

    Gamma0203 Member

    You're not alone

    I have a HP Laptop runiing in Vista Home Premium SP1, and i've been experiencing the same situation that you're reporting, so far i just maximaze and work with it. I'm also running several (3) CloneDVD-M at the same time and then it's when i notice that it begun to behave like this, another thing is that no longer shuts down the computer even when is running only 1 CloneDVD-M :doh: