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Where are the files?


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Feb 26, 2007
I have been wondering where the files from Clone DVD are written to during the copy phase? And are they then auto deleted? And can I stop at the copy phase and come back and burn the DVD files later?

With DVD shrink I can tell it where to copy the files and stop after copying and view the movie from right off my hard drive or can come back later to burn them.

Reason for asking is I am thinking of getting one of those huge Terabyte external hard drives and making a movie jukebox I can tote with me instead of a big binder full of DVD's.

Thanks for the help.
There on your hard drive in a folder called clonedvdtemp . You can uncheck the delete files and they will be in this folder until you burn something else using clonedvd. I never let clonedvd delete the files during burning. I then go to the folder rename it so I have the files on the hard drive until I watch the movie and am sure I get a good burn. You can pick write existing data at the start up of clonedvd and go to clonedvdtemp and burn as many copies of the movie you want. After I have as many copies as I want and have watched it I then delete the folder I have the movie in on the hard drive.
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If you have enough space on your hd, you can create a folder to write to, using the "dvd files" option in the output method page, rather than writing to dvd initially.
Name a folder to store movies on, then create a subfolder for each movie you wish to store on the harddrive, so windows won't overwrite the previous burn.
This will enable you to preview the movie with a pc player, before you burn to dvd, thus ensuring you have the results you desired.(ie: correct soundtrack, funtioning menus, etc.) These files can be burnt with "write existng data" or, other burning engine, and can be deleted at a later time, at your discretion.