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When will we see Clone AnyDVD HD ?


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Feb 15, 2007
We really need this. Right now, I'm cloning off my HD-DVDs and backing them up onto my tape drive, which is not too useful. Primarily, I'm concerned if I don't rip them now, the AACS guys will figure out how to lock up the movies again so they can't be ripped later.

Backing these up onto DVD-9s, even if it takes 3 discs would be a good solution.
from my limited knowledge of aacs, they can only make new (unreleased) movies have different keys, as the current ones are burned onto the disks.

they can only really revoke the keys of players, hardware or software (but i dont know if this will only make new disks unplayable or if it will make all disks unplayable).
Yes, a new version of clone would be great, specials take up too much disk space.
Once it can be decrypted the game is up - they can't re-protect it.

It is possible the newer disks can tell the drive to ignore the key. So if you play a new movie then try to decrypt later, it will not work without someone finding the key.