When will Virtual Clone Drive Support x64

Discussion in 'Virtual CloneDrive' started by Slweasy, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Slweasy

    Slweasy New Member

    Just a question about it. I really like Virtual clone drive on my 32bit XP, but would really like to use it on my XPx64. Is there any thought about supporting it? I do know about Daemon tools. I use it at the moment, but it isn't like Virtual Clone Drive. It just gets the job done at the moment.

    Have a great Day Slysoft, Great Products BTW.

  2. sickboy88

    sickboy88 Member

    Same here, for now, daemon tools works, and is free:

    Give daemon tools a try:


    It's the only solution I have for x64 windows.
  3. BarataS

    BarataS New Member

    x64 Vista Version

    I have upgraded to Windows Vista x64. I can't use virtual CD
    anymore. When will you release a x64 Vista Version?? I don't even mind if they start to charge for the program, I have already registered all the other slysoft products.
  4. philips14c

    philips14c New Member

    Alcohol 120% rules!!

    Alcohol 120% is the best all around tool for creating/mounting/burning disc images!
    It's working with all windows versions XP32/64,Vista32/64!! The only inconvenient is that DAA, BIN, IMG images are not supported.

    BTW I've heard that Daemon Tools doesn't work with Vista 64bit version! LOL!
    Daemon Tools also now introduced a phone home spyware component - to be fair they do notify you about it and you are prompted for permission to install it

    IMHO this is just unacceptable - would rather they just ask for $5

    If a x64 Vista Version of Virtual clone drive will appear i will give it a try!

    :clap: :agree: :agree: :clap:
  5. joliveira

    joliveira New Member

    I don't like Alcohol user interface, I'd rather prefer Virtual CloneDrive but I doesen't work on 64 bits.
    Nowadays I've been using Daemon Tools and it's wrking very well on Windows Vista 64 bits!
  6. MadsD

    MadsD New Member

    I'd also very much like to see Virtual CloneDrive in a 64-bit version.

    Please SlySoft, you've done it with CloneCD, so it can't be that hard to do it with Virtual Clonedrive...

    plxplxplx :D :bowdown:
  7. evlncrn8

    evlncrn8 Well-Known Member

    really, where did u hear that?

    erm they do, u can register daemon tools.. and you can also choose not to install the spyware (which isnt spyware - its whenu toolbar based) during the installation.. did you actually even look at the installation / program? or are you just citing crap you read on other forums without checking yourself..
  8. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    I'm sure it is on their to-do list, but (and I'm speculating here) because it is a free product it does not get as much attention as others...good things come to those who wait :agree:
  9. Charlie

    Charlie Well-Known Member

    I have hinted and was told don't ask :D I think they were just joking though. We can hope that it is on the to do list.
  10. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    They're working on it. There's a whole laundry list of issues that need to be resolved. I suspect this product gets put on the back burner while other products get the most attention. Look at the rate of AnyDVD updates lately and I think you'll understand why they've been busy. They'll get to it. :)
  11. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Well-Known Member

    I'm running Daemon Tools with VMWare on Vista 32 bit with no problems.
  12. nanoware

    nanoware New Member

    i like Virtual ClonDriv's handy and easy to use interface
    also love its "Close Tray" ability that i dont find in other virtual drives
    now i'm use xp64 and PowerISO's virtual drive, but its not handy and doesnt have Close Tray ability
  13. Captain_caveman2k

    Captain_caveman2k New Member

    Ever since upgrading two of my machines to Vista x64 Ultimate Edition I've missed Virtual CloneDrive and kept hoping that Slysoft would release an updated version.

    Last month I found MagicDisk - it's not as nice as VCD but at least it works :)