When updating, does AnyDvd reset the booktyping?

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by rrose1968, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. rrose1968

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    Help, I can't Saw 4 to work....had to say it... :D

    Anyway, I recently got new LG drives that allow me to set the booktyping to DVD-ROM and they all work fine setting it with ImgBurn. I have even checked +R discs with AnyDvd and they say DVD-Rom as the booktype. Cool.

    However....I updated to the latest beta yesterday, made a few backups and checked them & now they say DVD+R. When I check the setting in ImgBurn is also says "unknown" as it it hadn't been set yet. So I change ImgBurn for +R's back to DVD-ROM & it keeps the settings.

    So basically, would an AnyDvd update reset that as it seems? It's no biggie, I just have to check after each update. I am just curious if that looked like weird behavior. Or maybe it's where I backed up The Waltons this week....:p
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  3. Charlie

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    Also keep in mind that when you set booktyping in imgburn and if you reboot yes it will reset itself as the drive doesn't support automatic booktyping. I have 2 LG drives and a Samsung that are the same on booktyping but my BenQ auto sets to booktype the media used.
  4. rrose1968

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    Well crap. :( So it's not the update but the reboot that resets it. I'll remember that. I tried to find bitsetting on LG's site but found zilch.

    BenGurion, I went to that link and read this:

    "LG drives:
    The drive will memorize this setting until you switch it off (e.g. by switching the PC or the power supply of the external enclosure off)"

    Looks like the same thing, when I reboot it, its reset. Oh well, no biggy. Live & learn. Maybe I should have gotten a different brand but these were inexpensive, support SecurDisc with Nero (which ironically I decided not to use) and they just work good.
  5. Charlie

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    No problem I don't think there is any drive that supports auto booktyping now and if there is it would have to be a lite on?
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    i know ... but with this tool you can make an autostart in the registry for the bitsetting ... i've never had a problem with the booktype of my 4120b :D ... so when i start my pc the lg-drive automatically set for dvd-rom ;)
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    Sounds cool I may try it. I also emailed LG and asked to see what they say.
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    - was factory set @ DVD-ROM

    I Have never had to set it to DVD-ROM

    and oddly enough ...side note ...

    +Rs burned with my TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S203N
    - without Book-Typing to DVD-ROM
    Play perfectly well in my Players that Only support -R/-ROM
    Not sure what's up with that .... :confused:

  9. rrose1968

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    I was setting it as a friend had an issue playing backups so I was trying it for compatability. Unfortunately they still won't lay, so oh well...
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    There's a joke here somewhere . . . [​IMG]


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    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the joke be on my (lack of) spellling skills. 8) And doing 4 things at once with 2 pcs...
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    I was just being a dork. :agree: