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    I am wondering why has it taken so long for the blank DVD companies to make swift progression for faster burning speed blanks and drives. I mean we're still typically seeing 16x as the average fastest burn speed. I mean by now, you would think that you could burn in the 20 something speed range. Why are these companies so slow in making faster speeds?
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    About double layer DVDs...

    Anyone have any ideas when faster burning speed double layer blank DVDs will be made? I mean 8x isn't quite fast enough especially when I have a lot of classic TV shows I own to back up. I recall back in 2006 when it was just 2x, and what a nightmare, it literally took 1 hour or more to burn a disc. So I stopped doing it since until they can make faster burning speeds for the double layer. And why do they only make DVD+R and not DVD-R for the blank double layer? Anyone know when they'll make faster burning discs and when the DVD-R version will be available?
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    Traxdata has announced 16x +R DL blank media, but no one who cares about quality burning is particularly interested.

    One of the few burners that currently supports writing +R DL at 16x is the Samsung SH-S223 burner, and frankly I would trust Traxdata blank media nor writing to it at 16x.

    dvd-r DL blank media does exist, but it's a useless format. For one, you can't retain the original layer break position with -R DL blank media.
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    Please do not create multiple threads about related topics. Just ask your questions in the same thread please.

    Companies are making faster drives. The Samsung SH-S223 offers a 22x write speed. But just because you are burning faster does not imply that you are also creating good quality burns.