What's the best way to make 1:1 lossless ISO's of DVD?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by IamOKAW, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. IamOKAW

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    I'd like to start archiving my DVDs as ISO images. I would like them to be full lossless quality, with all the menus etc. What's the best way of doing this? I know AnyDVD has a "rip to image" function. Does that do any transcoding/compressing, or is it a true 1:1 copy?
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Rip to Image does exactly what it sais. Rip the disc to an iso. That said, you're not supposed to use the image ripper on DVD's. AnyDVD will give you a warning if you do so. Ripping to an iso does also ONLY that, rip to an iso. Transcoding/compressing requires video processing capabilities and that's simply not something anydvd can do at all.

    If you want a DVD iso the best options are

    1) Use CloneDVD2's image function with anydvd active in the background
    2) Use anydvd's "Rip Video DVD to hard disk" option (rips to folder structure), and then a third party tool of your choice to turn the folder rip into an iso.
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  3. IamOKAW

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    Why not?

    I don't understand. AnyDVD will rip to ISO, but I'm not supposed to; why would I buy a seperate program to do something I'm not supposed to do? Am I missing something here? Also, does Clone DVD make 1:1 lossless ISO's?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Because among other things, when you rip a DVD that's protected by "Structural Protection", that protection WILL BE PRESENT in the ISO as well and may cause playback problems. The ISO function in CloneDVD2 removes that protection WHILE making the ISO. That's not something anydvd can do. CloneDVD2 does make lossless ISO's yes, if you set it to DVD+/-R DL. The ISO ripper is directed towards blu-rays. Nobody's asking you to buy another program. Thats why option 2 exists.

    Use the folder ripper (which strips structural protection) > Turn folders into ISO with something like IMGBurn > Done
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    So any DVD will rip 2K BDs and UHD BDs to uprotected ISOs but it can't make unprotected DVD ISOs? I haven't touched a DVD in years but it used to create unprotected DVD ISOs. WHen did that change?
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Never, although it can make them, doesn't mean you should. It's always been that way, and so is the warning it gives you. It never changed.

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  7. Pelvis Popcan

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    Best way is to run AnyDVD then make your ISO using ImgBurn. Period.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Nope that's using CloneDVD. that one will strip structural protection away too. Imgburn won't.

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  9. FurryGuy

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    1. Use CloneDVD2

    2. Use AnyDVD's Rip to Files/Folder option and use a third party app to create an ISO.

    CloneDVD2 creates an ISO by ripping to files/folder first and then creating the image from the temporary files/folders.

    The way DVDs can be authored, with structural defects as part of the copy protection, makes the idea of a "loseless" DVD rather moot compared to a loseless "keep protection" image of a Blu-ray.
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