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    After ripping a Blue Ray disk to your hard drive what are your next steps for viewing. My Power DVD DX does not seem to recognize the file structure of the folder after ripping. Furthermore I can't get Clone DVD 2 to recognize any of the files in the ripped folder. I must be missing somthing... Please advise...

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600; NVIDIA 8800 GTX; Vista
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    powerdvd ultra
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    Clonedvd doesn't support Blu-ray nor HD-DVDs.
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    What do you have running in the back ground, Stop! go to Control panel,& Click on play CD Or other media. If you are using vista. Here are a list of Thing's you can try here! Audio-CD-Take no action,2(DVD Movies)ASK me every time, Enhanced DVD Movies(Ask me every Time)Software & game ( the same sitting)Video Files & all of the rest in that list Click on (take no action) Try it out. P.S.Try out WinDVD 8. for play back.You can use this Softwear to play back your HDVD or Blu-Ray from your hard drive.
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