What was your Bitcoin experience?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by thedatman, May 26, 2016.

  1. thedatman

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    I went most of the way to signing up and backed out because if I deposit $100 usd there is a .99 cent fee. I’m nervous about ongoing fees that I don’t expect. My plan is to buy a lifetime subscription and leave it dormant possibly forever. If I ever want to use it I can add more money then.
  2. Ivan

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    where did you sign up?
  3. thedatman

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  4. Recycle

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    Mine was tricky so I determined that cost for buying bitcoins and then using them to make the purchase was going to actually add more cost even though a 10% bitcoin discount was to be there. So I am going to going for the Visa treatment.
  5. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    this is my fear also.
  6. thedatman

    thedatman Well-Known Member

    I used my visa and I'm set for life.:unsure:
    Would it be advisable to close the bitcoin account if I never plan to use it?
  7. llerrad00

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    Why doesnt Red fox Start a paypal or bill me later for payment much easer to use and with paypal the purches can made with checking account without costing you anything and its safe!
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Because as the search will tell you, PayPal is not an option.
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    Paypal doesn't even like Slysoft/Redfox; I should know, when Paypal allowed Slysoft for a short while back in 2008, I used them to purchase GameJackal, but I didn't know that Paypal had decided not to do business with Slysoft, effectively causing my purchase to be null and void.
  10. llerrad00

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    ok thank you all i have made it thrue my master card so now i am happy with it now own a second ltl
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  11. BRCS

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    I would close it out but first remove any info you can IE address payment method ect.