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  1. Petercat

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    Hello. I've been away for a while (since Slysoft died, in fact).
    I want to copy some newer Blurays to a hard drive.
    What do I need to purchase from Redfox? (Lifetime licenses, again)
    I have (had) lifetime licenses for everything Slysoft offered, and was happy.
    Thanks for the help.
  2. whatever_gong82

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    Important information for SlySoft license owners!

    SlySoft license keys for AnyDVD (HD) will only work up to version The RedFox OPD (Online Protection Database) for this version will be available until Tuesday, May 31, 2016, afterwards AnyDVD HD may no longer be able to decrypt discs.

    SlySoft licenses of other products are not affected and will continue to work normally.

    RedFox Download

    So, in other words, you can still use and update your CloneDVD2, CloneDVD mobile, and CloneCD program to your heart's content, without having to rebuy them. Note that CloneDVD mobile will probably get an upgrade due to CloneBD being upgraded to work on Blu-ray. When it does, you might have to re-buy that, but worry about that down the line.

    In my case, I'm still using the Slysoft licenses that I purchased of CloneDVD2, CloneCD, and CloneDVD mobile for my PC and 2 laptops, and I have 3 spare licenses that I bought for all 3 products that I haven't used just in case I buy (or build) another PC/laptop.

    One last thing: If I was you, backup your license onto a flash drive, or something like your e-mail or the cloud. If you lose the license, you have to re-buy it.
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  3. Petercat

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    Have multiple backups of programs and keys on external hard drives, because I'm paranoid.
    So does AnyDVD work only on Blu-rays manufactured prior to it's release?
    What I'm asking is, if I want to copy Blu-rays made since then to a hard drive, do I need to purchase the latest version plus CloneBD?
  4. DaGoatRancher

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    If you want to backup any Blu-ray that is not already in your local database, you will need to buy a license for the Red Fox AnyDVD HD program and download the latest version. does not allow access to the online protection database any longer. It will still work for a lot of DVDs out there, but will not be very effective for Blu-ray disks I am afraid.
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  5. Petercat

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    Okay, thank you.
  6. DaGoatRancher

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    You are welcome (y)
  7. Nubie

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    Not sure if I should start a new thread (probably) - But this topic seems right in line with my question - What to Buy?
    I am a previous generation user (no this is not about that) and RIP discs with just AnyDVD then play back using other software/device to playback.

    I seem to get the feeling that if I purchase the new and improved AnyDVD I should also buy CloneDVD (?)
    Any help on what I need to buy and the short description of what each is used for?
    I feel kind of silly asking a question like this but... I'm a Nubie
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    If all you're doing is ripping & playing back directly then AnyDVD will suffice (it has a built-in ripper based on CloneDVD). You only need CloneDVD if you plan on shrinking that rip, removing trailers,... descriptions are on the individual product pages.
  9. Nubie

    Nubie New Member

    Thank you. Perfect.
    But as usual - one more question - Using my playback device I am able to play the RIP'ed AnyDVD nobroblem - However, other devices like the BlueRay player or TV who play DLNA complaint media do not recognize the AnyDVD rendering.

    Question - Do you think CloneDVD would help with that?
  10. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Your blu-ray player will play DVD's just fine once you burn them to disc. DLNA is a totally different matter. DLNA is a very old and obsolete streaming method for INDIVIDUAL FILES and doesn't support full DVD or blu-ray rips. It only supports a limited number of codecs too. AnyDVD doesn't render anything, it merely copies the disc structure to hard drive protection free. CloneDVD will not help with that either. As the product description will tell you, it's merely for cloning the ripped structure and for example remove trailers, it does NOT convert to eg mp4.

    CloneDVD Mobile however can, but hasn't received an update in a while and is currently falling behind compared to other solutions due to audio/video sync issues. To stream individual files from your system to your TV you're better of with a solution like Plex + a chromecast or something
  11. Nubie

    Nubie New Member

    Again thank you! You identified the problem correctly as far as streaming INDIVIDUAL files