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What Software Do I Need?


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Aug 29, 2007
A clerk at Office Depot advised me to check with this forum to see what I need.

I have taken all the videos from my Super 8 camcorder and transfered them to DVD's. I did not organize them or edit them in any way. I put one cassette on one DVD. My intent was to then pick and choose from the individual chapters on these DVD's and make master DVD's that have been categorized and arranged chronologically.

1st question: When I view these DVD's in either of two readers/writers on my computer they do not show the named chapters but have a coded name which does not mean anything as to the subject. Is there a software that will read these title names as I put them on.

2nd question: What software do I need to get in order to accomplish what I have outlined above. I have about 8-10 DVD's for each subject matter, partially filled, that I want to rearrange and put on a master DVD which I can copy for members of my family.

I will thank you in advance for any help/suggestions that you all will provide.

Jim Johnson