What should we do? To James and other SlySoft People

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    This is post for Slysoft team and development members only however(other members) if you have something important to say, say it. My questions are for your loyal customers, what should we do. Hold out, do not buy Blu-ray or should we just support the format cause it has really taken over. HD DVD is now discussing their future while Blu-ray is sitting waiting for more supporters to support their anti-consumer friendly format. I know letting them win will will be a problem in the next format cause they again will support even more restrictive technology. Sony really is an evil corporation that brought us Rootkits in CDs and betamax but is this the war that they will win. Again I'm asking what is your opinion on this matter as the tides are now changing quickly. Also any insight into BD+ I'm still wondering where you are on the protection as fox and blu-ray would love to hear that one of their beloved protections has been smashed to pieces. Thanks! :)
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    Thanks, thats all I wanted. Still waiting for James opinion on this matter.....
  4. Clams

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    And hold out UNTIL they win... it's not over till it's over.

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    I believe the Warner announcement means for this group / Slysoft:

    - BD will become the industry standard, so we need a reliable way to get rid of BD+. James & the great Slysoft-team is working on this.
    - PDVD becomes less usable in every release. I undestand that now it will not playback BD-titles if the copy-proctection has not been found, so this becomes an ANTI-AnyDVD-Prduct more and more.
    - HD getting bigger and bigger, so many people will maintain their convient media-server instead of becoming disk-jockeys.

    SO.....we need the Slysoft-Playback Soulution, ideally working with Vista in a Re-clock-Mode with a convenient, simple GUI. Than we don't have to care about what Cyberlink is doing and have one integrated solution...
  7. lostinlodos

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    Or switch to Nero, "The company that fights for your rights"
    ShowTime covers FAR more than PowerDVD ever did. And it WORKS.
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    I understand this but I am waiting for James's response, cause I thought that BD+ can be re written so BD+ can never be fully cracked. Slysoft can break each BD+ revision but who knows how long this will take. Still the point is useless because it is already broken. Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra will not play unprotected BD-ROMs(which are the movie DVDs you buy) but AnyDVD HD fills in the requests so the player thinks its a BD-R. Don't worry about the player but just worry about BD+ and new AACS keys. Over and over this will be a big mess and now an even bigger one if Blu-ray wins.
  9. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    There is very limited room for "rewriting" anything, once BD+ is being handled correctly by AnyDVD - I'm quite sure, the solution will be more or less final.
    But it's possible, that we will at first only provide a subset solution that handles "current" releases - the reason for that is simply the complexity and lack of documentation - and it's easier to implement specific BD+ parts that are actually being used by existing discs.

    I can't give you a definitive time frame, but we're getting there... ;)
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    If this so called "subset solution" will be here what do you mean exactly with this?Does it mean it will only rip of let say "parts" of BD+ so that we could do more things with the content, or will it rip of the complete BD+ and lets say work for just specific titles? Or did the BDA not release a full BD+ version so only parts of the system is found on the disks at the moment, so that you just have to crack this?!
  11. talon95

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    I'm pretty sure he means it will work for existing titles (complete removal), but they may need to do some tweaking for future releases. For one thing, there are only a handful of BD+ disks out there right now, so they really don't have a lot to test against.
  12. SamuriHL

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    That's how I read what he meant, as well. Peer, this is great news. This must be quite a fun challenge for you. ;)
  13. mike_9000

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    peer, you said that it was hard because of the lack of documentation so if the next encryption of dvd like SAACS(Super Advanced Access Content System 8)) will it take even longer to break? Also has the BDA admitted that their beloved BD+ protection has been broken or do they still say that all is well?
  14. James

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    First, there is no SAACS, but if it comes from AACS LA, it is an open standard and well documented.
    BD+ is mainly "security by obscurity", painful to understand but IMHO if it is broken, it is broken (with the exception that it might need updates because the implementation of the BDSVM - Blue Disc Sly Virtual Machine :) - will not be complete in the beginning).
  15. Peer

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    This is precisely what I meant. Especially the "test against"-part.
  16. SuperGoof

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    Don't worry! It will. At least, it should.
  17. Peer

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    Of course it will - what else would make any sense?
  18. dchard

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    It menas you are working on a complete virtual machine to run the BD+ codes in it. Probably you are focusing to the descrambler part of the code, because any other parts are irrelevant.

    If it is not company secret, please tell us if the documentation is missing (i didn't find any useful information about BD+ and its working), but the only one selling by BD+ authority, then where do you get the informations? Because without the relative complete sepcs., it takes far more then 1-2 months to purely reverse engineer the whole process, IMHO.

    I really like to read in this topic, so if any accessible documentation you have but we not, please post a link. It will highly appreciated.

    And thank you all for the great work!

  19. SamuriHL

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    Didn't you get the notice that the release was delayed? :) This is the reason. They have their top encryption expert working on it, right Peer? :) They will indeed have to reverse engineer it as there is NO public documentation that exists on BD+. Not for what they need anyway.
  20. Stormlord

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    I think it means slysoft is trying to properly implement a hack of the classes and methods first that are actually currently being used in the limited virtual machine that is provided on the blu ray players, in a manner that it effectively breaks BD+ (not a quick patch that will nolonger work a few weeks after). I say limited, since the number of functions the VM can perform do proably not exactly compare to your average complete Java virtual machine ;)