what ISO software to convert M2ts files to ISO ?

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by jamieuk147, Jan 25, 2008.

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    reason I ask is magiciso says file is to large to convert
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    I use imgburn. but you need to make sure the iso just uses UDF format, not UDF and ISO9660
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    dont you need Imgburn version to make an blu-ray iso
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    I am using and it works just fine, although I have not tried a BD+ disc and do not know if this makes any difference.
  5. M2ts to iso

    I am new to the forum and need to resolve a basic question, that is partly answered on this forum, but still leaves me confused, so help please!

    I have a video production, ready in m2ts format on my hard drive. I have successfully burned an unprotected copy to DVD. However, before burning any further copies to DVD I need to protect it with anti-rip, which I have purchased from Fortium. In order to use their anti-rip software, the file must be in ISO format. How do I make this conversion, and with which software? I am still unclear about exactly what ISO is because forums talk about DVD seemingly in the same breath.
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    An .ISO is a format that can be compared to a Pdf or a zip file, in that it is something thatis easily recognized by a pc. If you have an iso of a movie, hundreds of programs will know what to do with it, wether it is a movie, or a program. For example, insert a disc, double click an iso of a movie, in a few minutes the software of your choice has created a new copy of the movie on your disc. And because it is 1 file, because it was made from a supposedly working movie, the copy works perfectly too.
  7. Conversion software

    Thanks for this helpful response. But I'm still stuck on the basic question. Here is a m2ts video file sitting on my hard drive. The anti-rip programme demands that I make it available in ISO format. How do I make the conversion. I can't find any software that will do it.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    There's no match to IMGBurn http://www.imgburn.com, download, install and then pick the option "create image from files/folder"

    all done
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    @Michael Jordan
    ImgBurn is also mentioned in the Patronus DVD Anti Rip FAQ.
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    There are some major missing details being addressed. I'm assuming the use of the word DVD really does mean a DVD-Video disc and not loosely used to mean a Blu-ray disc, correct? Is the intent for this disc to be played on a standard DVD player or Blu-ray player? If this is meant to be a playable disc that meets the format specifications then it will need to be converted to the proper format structure. ImgBurn is only going to just burn it to a blank disc.

    Grab the latest version of Clown_BD (http://clownbd.com), follow the directions in this post here (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1458613#post1458613) if your goal is to make an actual DVD-Video, use the M2TS file as input, output to an ISO. If you want a Blu-ray output then just do that, instead.
  11. m2ts to iso

    Ok. My thanks to Moderator for response. Here are the blanks filled in. I have created a video that is in m2ts format on the hard drive. Using Cyberlink Power Director 11 (the programme in which the video was generated, I can burn a DVD but it is unprotected against copying.

    I have purchased Fortium 'Patronus' anti-rip software. This, however, requires the source file to be in ISO format before it can be protected. It will not accept my m2ts file.

    My objective is to generate a rip-protected DVD-Video disc to be played on a standard DVD player. I don't mean a Blu-ray disc. From what you are telling me it requires the m2ts file to be converted to the proper ISO format structure. I'm guessing that your recommendation of Clown BD will allow me to do this. Is that correct? I'm sorry to sound like a dummy, but I have found this bit confusing.
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    You want a standard DVD-Video specification disc. M2TS doesn't exist on standard DVDs. If you simply create an ISO of a M2TS file it won't play on a standard vanilla DVD player. It would require a player that also can play other formats burned to a disc. So, yes, you want to use something like Clown_BD and output to a DVD structure which it does. Clown_BD is also free which is a bonus. Follow the directions in the link I posted for how to set up Clown_BD to output to a DVD structure. Make sure to grab v0.81. Once you've created the ISO of the DVD structure then I'm assuming you can then add the protection. I honestly don't know anything about the Fortium Patronus software.
  13. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Btw, there are more programs out there that will probably work more simply but they aren't free. The quickest off the top of my head is VSO ConvertXtoDVD.
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  15. wowszer

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    You kept mentioning DVD, and m2ts. The second is Blu ray format. Do you have Patronus, or Blulock from Fortium? Patronus looks to be for DVDs, Blu-lock is for Bluray. If you have Patronus, it may be balking at the wrong format. Also if you want to create an .iso of your original disc Imgburn should be able to create it for you, just insert the disc, launch Imgburn, select create image file from disc.It still won't help though if you have the wrong format vs your version of Fortium from the way I see it. Btw, what is the size of your DVD, grater or less than 4.7 GB? Did you make it on a standard DVD or a Bluray disc?
  16. Ch3vr0n

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    all of this is incorrect. He's not making an iso file from disc. He wants to turn his dvd output file INTO an iso so his dvd protection software can handle it. And that is what my previous reply sais how to do. He's got a dvd folder structure, meaning he doesn't need "image file from disc" but "create image fom files/folder".
  17. Adbear

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    Actually he doesn't say he has DVD folders, he said he has an m2ts file on the hard drive which he's trying to convert
  18. Ch3vr0n

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    ah well he will have some sort of file structure depending on if he converts to dvd or blu-ray (prob dvd) which would still be the option "image from files/folders".
  19. M2TS to ISO

    Thanks for the attempts to assist everyone. I'm still not there. I used Cyberlink StudioDirector to create my video progamme. This has generated an AVCHD video m2ts file. The Cyberlink programme also has a burn facility that has allowed me to generate a working DVD for use on a DVD/TV player, which as far as I can tell includes 2 TS files, one video and one audio. So far, so good.

    However, I want to copyright protect the DVDs I burn. For this I have purchased a Fortium Patronus licence. The problem lies in that the Totus aspect of the Fortium programme will not recognise my m2ts file. It will only recognise an .iso file. I have just purchased Aiseesoft M2TS converter which is supposed to convert M2TS to just about anything known to man or woman, but can I find any output option with a .iso suffix? Alas no!

    So help is still urgently needed, please, or my long-suffering friends will have a boring Christmas with nothing to watch!!!https://forum.slysoft.com/images/smilies/bowdown.gif
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    You don't want to use the m2ts file, it's not part of the DVD video standard. Just take the DVD you made from the Cyberlink software and use Imgburn to create an image from disc. This will then give you an ISO file, or you could tell PowerDirector to create folders instead of burning to disc and then use Imgburn to create image from file folders as Ch3vr0n suggested
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