What is the point of keep protection? It does not seem to work.

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    Please do not take this post as an attack. I'm genuinely curious and have an example situation below.

    Say for instance I have a UHD disc that is not supported. I rip the disc into ISO with keep protection enabled, this is the only way AnyDVD can rip the disc. My thinking here is - Ok, when the disc is supported this ISO should be able to be decrypted... Right?

    So now the confusion comes in. Anydvd now officially supports said UHD, I mount the ISO with Virtual CloneDrive, but It cannot rip it, no matter what.

    However, if I use the actual disc, it will rip.

    So what is the point in ripping a disc with protection if it can never be decrypted?

    Thank you for any insight,
  2. SD_J-I_88

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    As far i know AnyDVD only supports ripping UHD if you have the keys and import them, if they didn't removed this option.
  3. theosch

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    Maybe a AnyDVD log-file of original disc and protected image could help the developers.

    Got confused myself, sry my for long text below.
    Well I had principially good experiences decrypting protected (BD)-images. (see further below). I think there's a point, you probably just had misfortune with that UHD discs.
    Why it is not working with your original UHD disc but not with your protected image, I don't know. Maybe your protected image is somehow broken, made to early, maybe bus- encryption or any kind of disturbing factor was not handled yet correctly by AnyDVD when you created it.

    Afaik that 2nd kind of ("double") encryption of the "ODD<->SATA-Bus<->Disc" is intended to be removed by AnyDVD when creating a protected image ("one-time"-protected).

    You could try reripping to protected/encrypted image with the new AnyDVD version and try to decrypt it and with updated OPD. To find out if the first protected image could be corrupted (see a bit above)

    A point could be, if your disc should be problematic, 100% readable but shorter durability due to bad production, and it should take longer time that AnyDVD can remove the protection, you can make an encrypted safety backup as fast as possible, as long as the disc should remain readable. Later when the software can deal with the protection, your disc should get unreadable or partly meanwhile, you have at least your encrypted safety backup.

    Once the encryption metadata of your UHD disc and its decryption key version is known and added to the AnyDVD Online Protection Database, AnyDVD will be able to decrypt also from your protected UHD iso.

    I made a image (protected) with ddrescue to recover a BD-disc
    It was no issue at all to remove the encryption from that protected BD-ISO-image with AnyDVD in a further step ahead.

    For now I don't know any reason why decryption from protected UHD-BD-ISO-images shouldn't work, too in principially.

    Hope this helps a bit, I don't know it any better. :)
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  4. James

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    It should work. You could post logfiles from both the original disc and the image mounted with VCD.
  5. testiles

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    My experience with UHDs so far has been that if AnyDVD cannot yet decrypt the disc and I make a protected copy, as soon as AnyDVD is ready, the protected copy decrypts fine, just as if it were the original disc.

    Of the over 90 UHDs I've backed up, I have not run across any exception to this yet.

    Not to say there isn't some exception out there, but it must be rare...

    @bobross You have any specific examples?

  6. theosch

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    Here's another confirmation from testiles that decrypting from protected images principially works.
    There's one issue he has, that remains: which leads to his question if there was any sense of making protected image.
    (The decryption of his original UHD-disc is working with AnyDVD, but interestingly not when it's tried on a protected/encrypted image of that UHD version he tested.

    I have marked (his probably first) one bad experience with protected images, (in his case), in his quote in fat latters.

    He can circumwent that problem by using directly the orignal disc, it's just interesting to know how this decryption problem could happen with the protected image, but is not occuring with the original UHD-disc directly.:confused:
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    My interpretation is that you are attempting to use the Rip to Image feature on the mounted ISO? If so, I believe that option will only work for a physical disc. I would guess that AnyDVD is properly decrypting the mounted UHD ISO as far as accessing the movie files? The only time this would be an issue is if you really wanted the encryption removed from the ISO and not just when mounted on your system with AnyDVD running?

    It would be a nice feature to have the option to remaster an encrypted ISO and have it pass through the AnyDVD decryption process. In the past if I needed an ISO with the protection removed I've either used the original disc or burned the ISO to a physical (RW) disc to re-rip. I don't have a media player that can play ISO's with menu support. I've had some issues in the past where a bug in the software at the time I created the ISO caused an issue when using the ISO later, so now I only create ISO's with protection in place and let AnyDVD remove the protection when I mount it.
  8. James

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    No, it works on protected images as well. As does real time playback, Windows Explorer copy, ....
  9. testiles

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    Yeah, I do this all the time.

    Often I will take a protected iso (created by AnyDVD ofc), mount it, "edit" it with new AnyDVD settings (like tweaking "Remove video sequences less than", for example), then Rip to Image to create an unprotected iso that retains the new AnyDVD settings.

    The reason I usually do this is that the second, unprotected iso has leading trailers and other junk removed to get straight to the movie but there is some Extra feature with short duration that is also removed in this copy. If I ever want to view that, I go to the first protected copy...

  10. James

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    Unless the OP posts logfiles from both the original disc and the image mounted with VCD, the issue will remain a mystery...
  11. bobross

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    I re-ripped the disc because it became supported and then deleted the old protected ISO. I will update this thread if I have the same problem.
  12. testiles

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    What movie were you having the problem with?