What is the best bluray discs

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by mrkhalid57, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Any name brand BD-R discs should work fine (Kodak, Verbatim, Sony, Memorex, etc.) as well as any name brand burner (LG, Samsung, Asus, etc.)
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    That couldn't be further from the truth. TDK bd-r's, memorex don't come anywhere close to the quality of verbatim blanks. Same applies to burners. Some produce bad results, others are rebadged versions that need their own "firmware",...
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    That's news. I was thinking name brand discs and burners are good. Guess I will be using Verbatim blanks instead of Kodak from now on.
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    Well it all depends on the MID. Don't get the 'verbatim bd-re dl'. They're BRANDED Verbatim but don't pack the quality they used to. They're farmed out to CMC magnetics which are pure crap. Don't order any from brick and mortar stores either. The good stuff you usually only find online.

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    So what is there difference between the brands and what is the best?

    what is BD-XL discs ?


    what is the difference between these ?
    which one suported 4k ?

    sorry for a lot of questions
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    Here is a break down of the different types of blu ray recordable media.

    BD-R (blu ray disc recordable) discs are like DVD-R discs, you can only write to them once.

    BD-RE (blu ray disc re erasable) discs are like DVD-RW discs, you can erase them and reuse themover and over.

    BD-RE DL (blu ray disc re erasable dual layer) discs are like BD-RE only they hold more data.

    BD-R DL (blu ray disc recordable dual layer) discs are just like BD-R discs only they hold 50GB instead of 25GB.

    BD-R XL (blu ray disc recordable exra large? or triple layer/quadruple layer) discs are like BD-R and BD-R DL only they hold 100 - 128GB instead of 25GB and 50GB.
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    Thanks for explain

    BD R XL is it supported 4K ?
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    I think so, but you may want to Google it to be sure. You need a blu ray burner that supports BD-R XL too.
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    All burners support 3D as it's just data written to the disc. Even my original Sony Blu-ray writer from 2006/7 will read & write 3D discs
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    There's no such thing as a "3D drive". That's just marketing, as adbear says, as far as the drive is concerned it's all just data (made up of 1's and 0's). The rest is up to software
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    so all what i need to burrn 4k vidoes on normaly bluray disc and any drive burnner that support bluray like what i have
    am i right ?
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    4k has nothing to do with 3d. 4k is a resolution, 3d is an image depth effect. 2 different things.

    That said, pretty sure you can't burn 4k on a normal disc (and if you can not without consequences) . You need a compatible drive and bd-xl discs. An uhd disc easily exceeds 50-60gb. That's more than a normal BD DL can hold (45.5gb max).

    As to the consequences mentioned above, it's not like your drive will get damaged, but the video bitrates / cable bandwidth for uhd are a lot higher than normal BD. You either will get no playback at all or at best probably stuttered playback due to bottleneck issues

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    i thought i can burn it with this blu ray
    and i can Rewritable

    thanks @Ch3vr0n