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Discussion in 'GameJackal' started by Jayman, Feb 28, 2007.

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    Im new to this, what is it please?
  2. Charlie

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    Game playing stuff to not use the original CD or DVD but there is no info when this is going to be availible just yet.
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    So is there a current substitute?
    Im after burning them dvd remote tv games?
  4. Charlie

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    What do you mean dvd remote tv games?

    This will be for PC games.
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    I know the kind of games you refer to. I must say I've no experience in playing or making backups of them, but shouldn't AnyDVD (and maybe CloneDVD2, in case it's DL) do the job, since I imagine the game is just a huge menu like on any movie DVD (with some logic programming of course) .. ? Have you tried using ADVD and CDVD2? But no, it doesn't seem like GJ is not what you need.
  6. Yard Waste

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    Actually there are many many games that copy protected in as such a way that they will not allow you to play unless you have the original in the drive let alone be copied (Starforce, Securom etc. Infact Securom has even blacklisted GJ or at least tried to). Even if you somehow are able to make an exact copy, the disk will still have to be in the drive.

    Game Jackal (or did--who knows if Sly will be changing how GJ functions) will allow a legitmate owner of a game to make a profile so that the cd/dvd will not be to in the drive in order for the game to launch. Legitmate owner is the key word here. GJ will not allow you to pass your profiles around so that others can play. The profile will be machine specific. The idea here was to reach a happy medium between the buyers right of fair use and the makers right to protect their games from being pirated. It also avoided the owners from looking around for nocd cracks etc. just so that they could keep their disks put away in a safe place. So GJ is not a program that allows one to copy PC games, it just allows one to play without their owned cd/dvd in the drive.
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    Game Jackal is a program that emulates the copy protection found on most game CDs/DVDs. The difference between it and CD emulators is that you don't need to make an image of the entire CD/DVD, just the protection information. So, you don't need a 500+ megabyte CD image stored on your computer, just a fairly small profile of the copy protection.

    Now, one thing that should be pointed out is that you need the original CD/DVD in order to make the image, so this isn't a way to pirate programs or anything like that.
  8. InTheFlow

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    With starforce that is still correct. However, I have many Securom games that are able to be played using Game Jackal w/o issue. Sometimes you have to tinker around with the profile mode but it still works in the end. 8)
  9. Yard Waste

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    That's why I said 'or at least tried to'
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