what HD-DVD/Bluray burners support Anydvd?

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    Ideally I'm looking for a combo HD-DVD (Reader only) with BlueRay read/burn ability.. in a single drive. - I'm not sure such a device exists.. if not could someone recommend a combo HD-DVD /blueray reader drive only... or a simple hd-dvd reader only (not burner) and a blueray burner.

    basically I want to do two things

    1) read in HD-DVD/Blue-ray using ANYDVD and covert them into AppleTV format /IPOD Format using cloneDVD Mobile..

    2) Convert any of the existing HD-DVD movies into Blueray so I can play them back on my home and avoid the "format wars" debate or titles only being released in one format..

    as to how to convert HD-DVD to Blueray... I assume it's just a matter of using anydvd rip it to the Hard drive , then cloneDVD back to a Blueray disk.. then it's able to playback in your home Blueray player. if not please advise..

    thanks Kristy :)
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    pretty sure that LG will burn bluray too - i've seen it for around 180ukp. i've never even seen a hint of a hddvd burner.

    but i doubt any standalone bluray player would actually play a burnt disc, the mpaa cartel just wouldn't like that!

    i wonder if we'll all have to get region-free codes/firmware for hd equipment like we did with dvd players - or maybe yamakawa or some other far-eastern manufacturer will produced a player and "forget" to implement the copy-protection :bowdown:
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    I would not recommend LG drives.
    I had a CD-drive and a DVD-drive in the past and both died after a short period.
    Maybe LG drives are better now but personally I would not run this risk buying a BluRay-drive which was produced by LG.
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    wow. over on cdfreaks LG are considered about the best dvd drives you can get, personally i prefer nec.
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    There are lemons with all manufacturers. For the most part though, I've been pretty happy with LG's drives.

    I've had the GGC-H20L and GGW-H20L for awhile and they both are very impressive.