What format for PSP?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Talldoode, Jan 24, 2008.

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    SOrry if this has been covered but the Search doesnt allow for "PSP" as it is too short and there are 37 pages to manually search through.

    I have updated my PSP to version 3.80 but I cant seem to get any of the updated CloneDVD types to work. Tells me the file is unsupported. I just spend 3.5 hours ripping a movie to CloneDVD using the PSP 720x480 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30) and the movie doesnt work. I renamed the file to M4V00008.mp4. The Error on the PSP is "unsupported data". I have looked thru the manual and dont see what I am doing wrong. Is there an easy answer for this?


  2. Talldoode

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    As a follow up - i have also tried naming the file MAQ0008.mp4 and putting it in the 100ANV01 folder. That didnt work either.
  3. Waz

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    All I did is I created a video file using the same settings.

    I named it anything I wanted.

    I made a new folder on the Pro Duo Card named 'Video'.

    Tranfer the video and the .jpg files to the "Video" folder.

    Turn on the PSP and play the video files.

    Just my .02

    Your milage may very.

  4. KnoWei

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    I'm pretty sure the need to use those MAQ... names went out around firmware v2.8.

    I'm on v3.x PSP firmware and I use the PSP MPEG 4 >= 2.6 profile. Try that and see if it works for you. I just name the file whatever the movie is and put it in the Video folder on the PSP. I get a thumbnail of the movie and it plays fine.

  5. Talldoode

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    Ya, I fell back to using the > 2.6 MPG4 that I have always used. I just wanted to try some of the new formats for a better picture.

    I will try what WAZ suggested.

    Thanks for the replies.

  6. Eltaco

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    I use "PSP 480x272 (AVC/H264, FW > 3.30)". If your using the PSP media software to sync the PSP it won't show, so I just drag and drop to the Video folder on the MSDUO card. I like that profile because it matches the PSP resolution. Encoding on a E6600 OC'd to 2.6 takes about 1/2 the actual run time of the movie, eg. 2 hour movie about 60min encode.
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    This worked well...helps get around stupid Japanese software issues...many thanks...