what files can be deleted from a HD DVD rip

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    I ripped Shooter to my HD and I want to keep just the movie and delete everything else to save space. I am using powerdvd from the HD option. What files can I delete safely without breaking playback.

    I also ripped Four Brothers (blu-ray) and deleted everything except the 00002.m2ts file which is the main movie and powerdvd played it fine. But when I tried this for HD DVD and deleted everything except FEATURE_1.EVO and FEATURE_2.EVO powerdvd did not play it.
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    The .evo files that you need to keep for shooter to still play are: BLACK, PARALOGO, MENU, FEATURE_1, and FEATURE_2. Delete all other evo files. Mine is trimmed down to 21.1 Gigs.
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    will these be the same files for other discs also or just this one?
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    Mostly the same. Don't delete any evo files that say SIZZLE, MAIN, INTRO, MENU, PARALOGO, OR BLACK. What I usually do is play the disc to see what comes up during playback (Menus, the look and sound of perfect clip, copyright warnings, etc.). Then I go into the folder and arrange the evo files by size and starting from the largest files after the feature ones, I double click each file o play it in powerdvd to preview it. That way I know what I can delete or not. If you are not sure about a file. Just delete it and try playing the movie. If it doesn't play then I go into the recycle bin and restore it. I've trimmed a lot of HD-DVD movies down to 12-19 Gigs. Blu-Rays are a lttle trickier because the files are not named. I play them all first to see what they are. Some of them are a pain in the @+# because the main feature is split up into many chunks (RATATOUILLE). Good Luck.
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    You can edit the XPL files to delete all references to the files you don't want to keep. Personally, I delete everything expect the main feature, and edit the XPL so that it's the first (and only) title. The main feature is usually called Feature_1 and Feature_2, or Pevob_1 and Pevob_2 so you'll need those, the .vti file and the other files with the same name as your main feature .evos (can't remember their extension off the top of my head - mental block).
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    That's good info. Thanks, Mangoat.