What did title 25 contain in Saw IV?

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  1. xCharvelx416

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    Speaking of which.... though as successful as both methods are now, (ripped Title 1 of Saw IV without issue using I did notice that there's about 8 minutes difference between Title 25 (bad until and Title 1... (unrated version).

    Anyone know why? or would all that have to do with the encryption data?
  2. Webslinger

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    Title 25 was just a bogus title set (copy protection).
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  3. xCharvelx416

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    Appreciate the response.

    I am looking at that DVD again, and noticed that I should have said "seconds" instead of "minutes" in my previous question..

    Oh... sorry if I hijacked the other thread, didn't mean it that way, just thought I'd add to an already existing conversation then start a new thread.
  4. Chris Gonzales

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    Modern movie DVDs are filled with data trash. This trash is supposed to irritate the ripper resp. copy program. We cannot go into detail here how we deal with this issue. As you can imagine the "other side" reads this forum, too.