What are the better dvd players?

Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by tflow, Jan 28, 2007.

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    I have been burning movies for a year and a half and I still can't burn one that will play on everyone's player. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that having the right player is just as important as having the right burning equipment. Right now I'm looking for a dvd/vcr player that will definitely play my burnt dvd's because my Broksonic model dvcr-810a quit working [vcr function] after only 9 months of use. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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    DVD players

    Check out cnet website for ratings on dvd players & also circuit city--If you record using blank dvd-r or -rw it won't play on a dvd player that only plays dvd+r or+rw & vice versa--It's good to get a player that will play both dvd-r & -rw & dvd+r & +rw so it can play both. Not all players do both.
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    For just a basic dvd player I like the cheap Panasonic dvd players, using only Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and made in Japan Maxell media they play all my back ups, personly I dont like combo units as the manufacturers tend to use cheaper parts and arent as good as seperate components.
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    Pioneer 111D

    I have been using the Pioneer DVD-RWDVR-111D (DL) burner with Taiyo Yuden media for the past 15mths, and the only failures I have experienced were due to a damaged original disc (bad scratch etc.)

    The end result of the copies play perfectly on my PC, my Mac G5, a Toshiba and a Sony TV DVD player.:)
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    I've been using Plextor PX-760A - with Ridata DVD Blanks and never any problems. And let me tell you I have burned allot.... Never any issues or problems.... Hope this helps....
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    It is amazing I bought a US$39 dvd palyer at Wallyworld and it plays everything, my $80 Sony will not play certain dvd's.
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    Here's your answer

    Most older DVD players do not play different formats such as +R or -R, etc... The one I have found that will play anything, has the most features, and the best buy for the money, is fortunately also the cheapest. You can get a "Truetech" brand DVD player for $20 + about $5 shipping by going to Target's web site. I have two of them and just purchased one for my parents and had it shipped to them. The thing will play anything and has a lot of features that our expensive Sony DVD player (which is now resting quietly in storage) did not have. Our Sony was also picky about what format it would play. You can also go directly to Target or Walmart and purchase one, but I find it is about $30. In any event, the thing is small and takes up very little space, looks pretty decent, and works like a charm. The only complaint I have is that the remote is pretty small, and contains so many buttons and features that I can't imagine anyone would ever use. Once you learn where your necessary buttons are though, you'll get past that aversion.

    Best of luck, ry
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    I agree with cobra-ak. I too have cheap wallmart dvd players that play anything. A friend of mine has high end dvd players and can not play some of my burnt dvd's. I use a Plextor PX760a DVDRW and use Sony DVD -R's.
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    Buy a Targa!

    Got one of these at Aldi a while ago - £20. It plays + -, +RW, -RW. Even recognises and plays mpeg. Not sure where you can get one though when Aldi aren't selling. Folk sell them on Ebay, but they tend to want more money!!! Have a look at Targa's website www.targa.co.uk
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    same here.

    Our original Pioneer DVD player (7 years old, not sure which model) will only play +/- RW discs. A $200 SONY (2 years old) DVD player is very finicky about which BRANDs of DVDRWs it will play and doesn't like +R. I just bought a <$40.00 APEX DVD/VCR combo, and it plays EVERY BURNED DVD in my library (all modes)

    Best suggestion is to take a few BURNED discs with you to an electronics outlet to see if the model you're interested in will play them. Or, just get the cheapest DVD player you can find, and I'll bet that it'll play.

    BTW... never buying another SONY product (consumer or PC hardware) or SONY PICTURES product ever again!!! (PS3 BS & Root Kit broke the "camel's back")
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    Magnavox MSD-125 for $39 at Wallyworld, plays anything even PAL, I figure its coming from China and probably headed back there or to latin America
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    dvd/vcr players

    I have a sylvannia dvd/ver I bought at sears a couple years ago and it plays all of my dvds burnt or other wise.
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    i bought a durabrand dvd player for 29.95 at wallyworld it plays all backups dvd plus cd's and mp3's and it has been a good dvd player now for about 10 months
    i also have a samsung that cost 149.00 bought at circuit city that plays everything but mp3 dvd it will play mp3 cd they both play both + - r dvd's.:D
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    using good media like Taiyo Yuden and or Verbatim and burning no faster than 8x will help . i burn alot of dvds with a PX-716A burner using DVD dash R TYs and NEVER have playback problems with any dvd player out there
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    I have not had an issue yet on this with any media with any player. However, I suggest you look for a player with HDMI and will up convert to 1080I or 1080P(If you can find one). I have a cheap Wal-Mart RCA that works fine. Just wish I had a 1080P up converter since my new Sharp 52" 1080P does not up convert the signal.
    These players are not that much more than an el cheapo.
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    I buy the cheapies..........they play anything. I do own a "better" quality Samsung that I have had for several yrs.
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    I have been using a Panasonic upconverting DVD player for over a year and the quality of the picture on my Hitachi 57 inch UltraVision HDTV is incredible - and this is with my Verbatim or Tayio Yuden backup copies-eh!

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    I never spend more than 40 dollars for a DVD player and they play everything. The cheaper the better for some reason?