what am i doing wrong

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  1. rcoe

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    Great forum with lots of info, learned quite a bit here in preparation to getting my new lg combo drive.

    I have it almost working.

    First disk I tried is still giving me problems and it is the only bd I have tried. I ripped Resident Evil 2 with no problem, but I cannot play either the file or the disk using powerdvd. I am using anydvdhd 61.93 and powerdvd 3319. When I try to play the disk I get a box saying I need to upgrade, but it seems to do nothing. When I try and play the file is say disk missing or tray open?

    I have played a few hddvd's and they play fine. I am all green across the board on cyberlinks test software.

    What am I missing?

  2. rcoe

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    Well I found after a little digging that I cannot play bd's with anydvd on.

    That is not really a problem for me as I am wanting to rip my disks to my hd and play them from there anyhow.

    So now my only question is why can I not play the file I ripped? I am just directing powerdvd to the file, but it still gives the same error box about the tray being open and disk not present. I have tried on 2 different machines on my network and get the same from both.

    Is there something I need to different to play the ripped file?

    Thanks again,
  3. Nova935

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    Your doing nothing wrong. Downgrade to PowerDVD version 3104. It appears many forum members are going back to an earlier version of PowerDVD due to Blu Ray playback issues with 3319. 3104 works fine on all my old and current Blu Ray and HD DVD movies and I`ve seen it recommended a few times for people having issues with Blu Ray playback. Blu Ray movie playback is better for me if I rip it to my HD first then play the movie from my HD.
  4. rcoe

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    Still having a lot of problems.

    I can now play all my hddvd/blueray discs from the drive.

    I can rip the RE 2 blueray. But I cannot play the file I created in powerdvd. All I get is error code 8090000A "door is open or disc is not present". This is when I truy and play the "00000110_resident_evil_apoc file" or the bdmv folder. Is there something I need to do to these files before being able to play them in powerdvd?

    As for the couple hddvd's I have I cannot get them to fully rip. 300 stops ripping at about 45% and the bourne identity stops at 3%. Both discs appear to be clean and in good shape.

    I am running anydvdhd 6195 and powerdvd 3319.

    Any ideas?
  5. James

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    Don't play files. Use play from folder.

    Obviously they are not, or your drive is defective.

    Better use an older PowerDVD version.
  6. rcoe

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    Yes I am using the play from folder.

    Where can I find the older version of powerdvd?

  7. LINUS

    LINUS Beta Tester

  8. rcoe

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    Thanks. Now can I just un this patch or do I have to go through the process to fully remove my current version?
  9. LINUS

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    AFAIK you can just use this to step back to 3104 from 3319, at least I did this for a couple of times already without any problems, i.e. XP SP2 (don't know about Vista).
  10. rcoe

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    Thanks will give it a try. I am running XP. Just noticed that the version I got is actually 3319e. Have not seen any info on this one, last one I have seen info about was 3319a.
  11. Azzr34l

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    I received 3319e.0 from Cyberlink yesterday and I get the same "door is open blah blah blah" error from PowerDVD as well. I cannot get PowerDVD to play any HD DVDs or Blu-rays ripped to the HDD, even ones that played ok with 3104. It will play back regular DVDs though.....seems like Cyberlink may have disabled file based playback for all HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

    I haven't found any version of PDVD that could playback Evan Almighty that's ripped to a HDD, anyone able to play it back from their HDD?
  12. rcoe

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    Well I am at least glad that it was not something I am doing wrong.

    As far as powerdvd goes I really wish there was some competition out there to keep them honest to the consumer. I really wish theatertek would be able to get into the highdef market as they have a very nice product.