Wen die Geister lieben (Ghost Town, EAN 4006680048352) - still not readable

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    I have asked for help before, but all I got was "the disc must be the problem". This is a brandnew, optically perfect Blu-ray, the German version of GHOST TOWN. It plays well in standard BD players. Dozens of other discs run fine in my PC with AnyDVD HD. Not this one.

    My attempts to attach the zip file here failed. Contents of AnyDVD_log.txt:

    0.00s: AnyDVD HD
    Coordinated universal time is Tue Nov 12 09:39:33 2019
    Local time is Tue Nov 12 10:39:33 2019
    0.17s: Drive: G:, disabled: 0, don't touch: 0, capture: 0
    0.17s: copy protection based on unreadable sectors: 400
    0.17s: patch: 69f
    0.17s: AIscan: 1
    0.17s: sbresult: 05104368
    0.17s: getInteger(0): 1
    0.19s: unit ready failed, sense 2:30:0
    0.19s: unit ready failed, sense 2:30:0
    0.19s: medium state: 1

    Could provide sysinfo.txt as well, but am reluctant to post it publicly (LOTS of informations about my PC... scary).

    Would appreciate your help enormously.
    Best regards,
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    Can you please be more precise - what does "failed" mean? Error message?
    Just to be sure: the file you should be posting has the extension ".ziplog" not ".zip".
    So far you would be the first to have problems uploading one of those, maybe it's unusually large?

    Based on the little information you're giving all anyone can say is: bad disc or drive.
    I can't promise you, that the response will be any different if you supply the requested log file, but if you don't, nobody can even attempt to say more.

    Even so - please think logically: that movie is super-old. The disc was released in 2009, ten years ago.
    Do you really think, there's a "new" protection on it that we, of all people, have never heard of before?

    Check out the comments on the German Amazon page for this disc. Two posts from 2019 are complaining about not being able to play it back on any device. Neither standalone nor PC.
    Trust me: it's a newly pressed bad batch. It happens. Not even so rarely.

    "Brand new", "optically perfect", etc... they always are. When a mastering template is bad, then you get a batch (= hundreds or thousands) of brand new, optically perfect discs that are all bad.
    That's all there is to it. No protection conspiracy, no tin foil hat.