Weird Issue with the actual burning of Bluray

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Iamfaithful, May 16, 2019.

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    I have two nearly identical computers. Both are ASUS Z370 Pro Gaming Motherboards with Intel i8700k CPU and 32 Gig of RAM. Both have M.2 drives and LG Bluray Burners. My computer burns all Bluray perfectly fine whereas lately my sons does not. It goes thru the conversion section and asks for the blank disc and that is what fails. The time just keeps getting longer and longer and eventually fails. I figured it was the burner so I ordered a brand new one a month or so ago and it continued to happen. I thought maybe it was a bad burner so I again had them replace it with yet another new one, still wont work. I can take the Bluray that failed on his computer and burn that same disc on my system and it works fine. I have updated motherboard drivers, video drivers and everything I can think of on my sons computer, but nothing fixes the burning issue. This has been happening for months with his computer on many different discs so its not a one disc issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any help would be seriously appreciated. I am using CloneBD and AnyDVD

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    Burn errors aard usually the case due to one or more of the following

    1. Faulty drive
    2. Burning too fast
    3. Using cheap crappy blanks

    Or an combination

    My bet is on nr 3.

    What brand are you using for blank discs?

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  3. Iamfaithful

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    1) Drive has been replaced twice
    2) burning at 6x which works fine on other identical computer
    3) I use these

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    Care to post the discs media identifier? You can find that out via either dvdinfo tool or imgburn. But pretty sure OQ, is cheap crap. But won't make a duvet can on that until you post the MID/DID

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    The thing is I have been using Optical Quantum with no problems on one of the two computers. My computer burns flawlessly, its my sons which is identical that does not. Optical Quantum per every review site out there is the best economical disc made.

    MID: OTCBDR-002-000

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    I would look at the upper and lower filter's on each PC to see if they are different using ImgBurn. You can download it here: (, BUT I recommend using the MajorGeeks mirror download and pay attention to what it asks during install to not get any 3rd party stuff by mistake. You can also look at this post, especially the Follow the steps, step by step: by webslinger post. ( even though your drive is recognized.
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    Just a comment - I have been using Optical Quantum 25 GB disks with no problem on over 50 burns. The 50 GB variety though is quite awful. I am using the LG external USB drive.