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    For some reason or other, after ripping We Own the Night, it appears that the director/producer's commentaries have been concatenated with the film. Of the streams, it appears there is only one large m2ts at around 40 gb. I haven't the slightest idea as to how I can disable these features as PowerDVD or movieplayer doesn't allow to configure. I have been using this AnyDVD without any problems on many BDs ... this is the first. Moreover, some of the other streams don't play correctly or seem corrupted.

    Thanks for your help

    I have attached the logfile.

    All software is up-to-date

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    1. Do you have HDCP compliant hardware? If so, what happens if you exit Anydvd and attempt to play the original disc with Powerdvd? Same problem?

    From CyberLink InstantBurn's packet writing software . . . packet writing software in general is bad news and interferes with a lot of programs including Slysoft's. If you want drag-and-drop functionality, use dvd-ram instead (with a FAT file format), which is more stable.

    2. i) Create a backup of your registry
    ii) Download imgburn. It's a free program: http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download
    (it's also an excellent program imo)
    iii) Go to Tools > Filter Driver Load Order. Select "clbstor". Click "Remove Selected Filter". Click "ok".
    iv) Reboot

    Keep in mind whatever program installed that filter may no longer work properly.
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    my hardware is fine...I have never had a problem previous to this particular bd. Also, I can play with or without slysoft being enabled. The Cyberlink software hasn't never gotten in the way either, but I will uninstall the software, erase what I have copied and try burning it again. Interestingly enough, in BDedit some of the files are marked "prohibited 2."

    Thanks for your help.
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    I'm not saying your hardware isn't fine. I'm asking if it's HDCP compliant.

    O.k., that means you have HDCP compliant hardware.

    But you haven't answered my original question.

    1. What happens if you disable Anydvd and attempt to play the original disc with Powerdvd? Do you still have problems with director commentary?

    2. Now enable Anydvd. Try playing the original disc with Powerdvd. Are you still having problems with director commentary?

    It's important the filter I quoted is no longer listed in your registry. The easiest way to check is using the method I outlined previously. Sometimes uninstalling programs doesn't do a thorough job.

    No. Don't. I'm not interested in your backup at this point. If you have problems playing the original disc with Anydvd enabled, your backup will fail as well. Also, if the original disc exhibits the same problem with Anydvd disabled, then there's also no point in trying to produce a backup (and the issue then would have nothing to do with Anydvd).
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    agree with Webslinger on this one :agree:
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    I fixed the initial problem with TSremux. Perhaps there was some kind of misunderstanding. AnyDVD works fine, this particular disc perhaps read the first audio file, which made it appear to be concatenated with the original stream for the film. Sorry for any confusion.