Watchmen: The End is Nigh (PC)

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    I heard about this game so I decided to check it out. It was released on March 4th. I haven't seen it for sale anywhere other than Steam. I also was able to play a demo that I downloaded through Steam.

    If you have an ATI card the installation is annoying. The demo will install and things will seem just fine. When you go to run the game it won't start and if you are in full screen mode you won't understand why. The reason is that a pop-up window is informing you that you need to install the latest NVIDIA PhysX drivers. :rolleyes: You are directed to the NVIDIA website. So, right before throwing my hands up and uninstalling the demo I decided to navigate the installation directory under Steam There is a folder named Prerequisites which contains the DirectX 9 update from March of 2008, NET FX 2.0 SP1, and PhysX drivers. Might it have been a good idea to tell me the drivers were packaged with the game?! I installed the drivers and the game fired right up.

    The game requires not much thought. It's an old-school no-holes-barred fighting style game. You can pick one of 2 characters and you work as a team. The graphics are nice, the gameplay for what it offers is good, and I found it rather fun to play.

    Had I found no redeeming qualities about the game I wouldn't have posted anything about it.

    It's 19.99 USD and while it is fun and the graphics are quite nice and even the story seems interesting the fact is the game is fairly short and many will find it boring but I definitely recommend checking out the demo if you are into The Watchmen.

    I thought about buying it but I think I'll pass even though I did have a good time playing the demo.