Warning - Tamil Ayngaran Blu-ray Discs Detecting As "Data BD"

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  1. prathaprabhu

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    I was recently trying to play the Tamil Ayngaran Blu-ray Discs in my Sony Blu-ray Player but it is detecting as Data BD.

    I checked the following movies by playing in Sony Blu-ray Player and Pioneer Blu-ray Writer.

    1. When i insert the following discs in Pioneer BD-RW BDR-208M / Asus BW-16D1HT Pro it shows nothing but blank drive.
    2. When i try to play in Sony Blu-ray Player it is detecting as "Data BD" or "Unknown Disc"

    Aadhavan, Ayan, Kanthaswamy, Kuruvi, Peraanmai and Sivaji


    Can someone please confirm if you have Experienced the similar situation.

    Can you please tell me is there any solution to resolve this situation.

  2. Pete

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    So, I gather that you inserted the disc into two different PC Blu-ray drives and both weren't able to read it (them - several discs?).
    AnyDVD didn't see anything?
    Where did you buy these discs?
    If the dates of the files on the disc in the video are any indication, then that disc at least is 10 years old. But I've never heard of such a behaviour.
  3. prathaprabhu

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    I have listed the List of movies which the BDDrive not able to read.
    AnyDVDHD Didn't recognize it.
    I have bought it from the Manufacturer UK
    Yes of course all the above movies are around 8 years old but i have confirmed with the other people those who have same discs are playing well.

    My question would be what kind of protection will the Disc have?

    Also, the discs were working around 2 years before.

  4. Pete

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    That is clearly no protection at all. Discs don't mysteriously and suddenly develop a so far unknown protection with unheard of symptoms after 8 years.
    Apparently your discs have just gone bad, that's the only explanation I can think of.
  5. prathaprabhu

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    Dear Pete,

    I also have another clarification, i was using a SlySoft AnyDVDHD lifetime subscription, but i would like to upgrade to the new RedFox AnyDVDHD Lifetime Subscription, I would appreciate if you could provide a discount, so that I can purchase the RedFox AnyDVDHD lifetime subscription

  6. Ch3vr0n

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    That's not a clarification, that's just asking for a personal discount, which isn't going to happen. Just check around major holidays for 20% off discounts.

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