WARNING: AnyDVD + LibreDrive = BAD

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    I'm posting this warning so that people don't run into potential problems with AnyDVD.


    1) Open a disc with MakeMKV where LibreDrive gets enabled on the drive
    NOTE: LibreDrive remains enabled until the disc is ejected or the drive is power cycled
    2) After LibreDrive is enabled, the disc is attempted to be decrypted with AnyDVD


    The disc fails to decrypt, even if the title key is known by AnyDVD.

    The reason for this has to do with the fact that LibreDrive disables bus encryption but the drive still reports as supporting bus encryption. Thus AnyDVD has no way of knowing the data it receives is not bus encrypted, and it tries to decrypt it, thus corrupting the data.

    In the future, AnyDVD may be able to recognize when a drive has LibreDrive enabled. However, for now, that is not possible. Therefore, DO NOT mix and match MakeMKV sessions with AnyDVD. Disable AnyDVD (at least for that drive) when using MakeMKV and LibreDrive, and make sure to eject the disc or power cycle the drive before enabling AnyDVD.
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