War For the Planet of the Apes - issue with glitching

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  1. san_man

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    Hi there, long time reader, rarely post thanks to all the great help you guys give to others. Hopefully you can help me out here.

    I just did a backup of "War For the Planet of the Apes", using AnyDVD to rip to hard drive, then using CloneDVD to make a backup. I've been using Falcon media hub printable DVD -R 8x discs (used to use Taiyo Yuden only, this is what my supplier recommended to replace it). Burning at 4x.

    We watched the copy this evening, and for the most part it was fine, but towards the end of the movie, there were a few small glitches, almost imperceptible. A little after that there were several larger ones. As I tried to fast forward through the credits, I had to stop doing that, it began to pixellate and freeze. This seems to happen fairly often lately. At least this time, it didn't ruin the end of the movie.

    I'm wondering if this is software related, or if perhaps I have a hardware issue?

    I have attached two logfiles, the first is the original disc, the second the copy. Please let me know if I've forgotten any pertinent information. I'd appreciate your help.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Pixelation issues in this case, most likely crappy media (falcon) or to much compression. Try verbatim DVD+r you buy ONLINE for the good stuff. Not the ones you find in physical stores

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  3. san_man

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    So, Falcon is NOT good media? I was clearly misled, my online retailer knew my preferences and assured me this was a quality item. I haven't bought DVDs in a brick and mortar store for more than 10 years... As for too much compression, what am I to do? Obviously I do the minimum I can, but there is not much to be done about it, when the files are so large as they can be these days. Is there some other shrinking-type software I should now be using in conjunction with CloneDVD?
  4. Ch3vr0n

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    Well it's certainly not an A list brand like verbatim. Do you have IMGBURN installed or dvdinfo? Then it's very easy to know if it's good stuff or cheap crap. In imgburn, insert one of those blanks and open 'explore' mode. Look for something called 'Media ID' or 'Disc ID' and post that here. Depending on what that is we'll be able to make a accurate claim on cheap vs crap.

    That said, personally I prefer DVD+R over DVD-R too

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  5. Yaris

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    No you weren't if that was his level of expertise.
    I had the same issues with 10+ years old crappy media pixelating and freezing on a 10+ years old Sony DVD player.
    I played the same crappy media (Data Ware) on a 2017 Sony DVD player and it played perfectly.
    Try using a dust removing lens cleaner or if that doesn't help then upgrade to a brand new player.
  6. san_man

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    Okay, I couldn't find "explore" mode, I guessed maybe you meant "verify" mode? Found something interesting... the Manufacturer's ID is: TYG02. Which can't be right, I used all my TYs many months ago. But also, the last ones I had were 8x, these ones are 16x. (I think I said earlier the discs were 8x, I was wrong, sorry.) That code belongs to probably the best TY discs regular people could get.

    So, I guess the next question is: is the software confused, or are these discs somehow the same?

    As for +/- R, I've used -R with these players for years. To my understanding, that shouldn't affect stability, right? Just possible compatibility?
  7. san_man

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    I'll try a lens cleaner, thanks. I'll have to run out and get one, my old one disappeared in my last move. That'll have to be a job for another day, however, too late for today.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    Tayo yuden was indeed the good stuff, but they no longer make discs and we're bought up by crap manufacturer CMC Magnetics. If you're already burning at Lee's than rated speed then that's not the issue either. So either the player doesn't like them, is dirty of there's to much compression (pixelation, which can be fixed by removing unwanted audio).

    If that all doesn't work I'd try some verbatim DVD+r

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  9. Adbear

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    As a test you could take the backup disc, rip it to an ISO on your PC then mount the ISO and try playing it back. If the ISO plays back with pixelation then it's compression.
  10. Yaris

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    Even better would be to unscrew the box where you could blast all the dust & spiderwebs out.
  11. Indyrod

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    I've used and still do use JVC Taiyo Yuden ValueL 8X DVD-R blanks, and never have any problem with them. Out of 100, I might have two coasters at the most. I buy them from the same seller each time at Ebay.
  12. Clams

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    Burn at 1/2 the rated rate of the media. I never exceed 8X.