Wanting to buy, but no CC option... ETA to fix?

Discussion in 'Purchase and License Keys' started by CoastalBlue, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. CoastalBlue

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    I've been using the trial for 2 weeks and VERY happy with the results. Honestly was mostly concerned about the content providers breaking the functionality, but being patient and only doing one title at a time in realtime (and remoting home from work to manually manage downloading episodes every hour) is working out really well. (Side note: a download queue would be HUGE, I know, it's already on the "feature requests" list...)

    So, I'm ready to buy, but CC is not working? Only coin? I'm not "anti-cryptocurrency" but it's not something I'm really at all in favor of getting in to, either... Is there any ETA on this being fixed? Honestly, this is kind of a dealbreaker for me...
  2. Ivan

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    Sorry about this, we are working on cc payments for US customers and it should be available tomorrow or Wednesday. In the beginning Mastercard only.

    Don't blame us, blame the movie industry :)
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  3. AcesOfThePacific

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    It gave me the option to use Visa or Mastercard but it failed twice.
  4. AcesOfThePacific

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    I tried buying bitcoin - what a fucking disaster. Never again. Coinbase's website has Javascript issues or HTML5 issues and you can't even talk to a human there to resolve issues. I wish you guys didn't place limits on your trials. I can't even buy your product after spending HOURS bending over backwards trying to find some way to pay you. What a nightmare.
  5. Ivan

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    If you have an IP address of the US, you won't even get credit card payments as option in our checkout.
    If you come with an IP address outside the US (no matter if you are physically or with VPN outside), you will see cc payments but getting denied later in Visa/Mastercard circuit if your card issuing bank is in the US.

    Stay tuned, we are working hard on it...
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  6. Octavean

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    Waiting impatiently,.... :)
  7. Mr. Burnz

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    This explains why I used a credit card with a VPN and still got denied.
  8. getol

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    for me, i was also waiting for CC option. i looked into bitcoin atms (fees too much) so i decided to use coinbase. it was easy and coinbase gave me $5 in free bitcoin for signing up. the process of singing up to coinbase and paying redfox took only a few minutes.
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  9. Ivan

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  10. KTH20

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    Verified. I was able to run a credit card payment through several hours ago. Thanks!
  11. Ch3vr0n

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    Excellent, welcome to the club!

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  12. jcrxz

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    Any estimate as to when Visa will work? Or does anyone know if a green dot mastercard will work like in the pinned thread?
  13. KTH20

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    Actually I'm new to the forum, but I have been purchasing software since the Slysoft days. So let me take this opportunity to thank the Redfox crew for all their hard work over the years I'm sure everyone here feels the same. Wish you all the best.
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  14. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    Maybe in about 10-14 days. I already got the confirmation, but these things are always very slow...

    Should work if foreign payments (our Mastercard PSP is in China) are allowed.
  15. Ivan

    Ivan Admin Staff Member

    Great! Thank you for the feedback and your patience.

    Thank you, that feels good. Usually the forum is only used to blame us :bowdown:
  16. jcrxz

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    Awesome, thanks!