Want to rip Blu ray movies to put it on MS windows home server and stram to PS3 HELP!

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    Sorry for the noob question. I did some search on the forum but did not find one that would apply to my situation.

    I have the following:

    HP windows media home server
    Gigabit wired connection
    Playstation 3
    Lite on Blu ray rom

    I would like to back up my Blu ray library to my home server and stream the media through my gigabit connection to my PS 3. I don't know how to do that. I know you can rip the movies using AnyDVD HD and put it on the media server, but will the PS 3 be able to play it directly in that format or do I need to encode it again into mp4 or other formats so the PS 3 can read it? I was on PS 3 official site and it stated that it will play .m2ts files but I downloaded a sample .m2ts file and it does not even see it.

    Is AnyDVD HD ripping the disc to .m2ts format?

    If anyone is able to help me, or give me some pointers that will be great. Thank you in advance. Thank you. :bowdown:
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    Well didn't we step in a pile of um......worms. Yeah that's it worms. I had the very same thought about a month ago. It's problematic, first of all, the advanced audio codecs like TrueHD and DTS-HD-MA don't work. You can encode 'em, & stream 'em but the PS3 won't accept them. LPCM works fine though. So all the advanced codec have to be down converted to ac3. It's do-able and not so bad, but it ain't like the disc. Second, any movie encoded with the VC-1 video codec is a nightmare. AVC & MPEG-2 is easy cakework though.

    Start here:

    It's not a bad guide. I like eac3to.exe better than the one suggested to convert DTS to ac3. It'll give you 640kbs ac3 as opposed to 448kbs the other one gives. A small matter though.

    Something missing in the guide is when you're in tsmuxer highlight the audio track you've selected and pick downconvert dts-hd to dts core or truehd to ac3. You can downconvert them later but it's just easier to do it then.

    Keep in mind that you can mux & stream as many elements as you want but the PS3 is only gonna see 1 video & 1 audio. It won't see anthing else. Subtitles......forget it.

    There is a real issue with VC-1 video and I mention a possible solution later in that thread that does work, but it's still a work in process. I haven't solved the 1080i issue and don't think that I can but the file size issue maybe.
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    I will look into it. Hopefully, the process will be easier later on as Blu ray gets popular and on the market longer. Thanks again!
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    This may be a tough one. There are already good solutions to many of the other applications that folks want to use for their BDs. Streaming to the PS3 doesn't seem to attract much interest from the software writers. I found an application that will take just about any of the advanced audio codecs and turn it into LPCM which the PS3 loves. But the muxing software I use to reintegrate the audio stream back into the video stream has a LPCM filesize limit and as a result after about 20-30 minutes the audio just turns to screech.

    The muxing software (tsmuxer) GPL freeware is written by a commercial software company in Russia. Since they aren't making much money from it you don't get any support or regular upgrades. The guy that makes the audio conversion software (eac3to), who's online at another forum and very approachable and open minded, claimed he could make a work around. But since the other piece of software isn't supported much and uses non-standard ways of handling LPCM he feels that the other guy should fix his software and refuses to make the workaround. So, we're still stuck with ac3@640kbs on titles that use any of the advanced codecs.

    One of the other issues is subtitles. I don't usually use subtitles, but movies like Apocolyto are useless because the advanced audio track is in the Mayan language. Normally, I would use that track with english subtitles, but in streaming to the PS3 you have to use the crappy english audio track. I didn't even bother.