Wall Street (1987) cause Windows to close CloneBD

Discussion in 'Issues and Bugs' started by johan, Mar 8, 2015.

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    --> Edit: Problem disappeared wth newest AnyDvd/CloneBD version. <--

    As the headline says - when trying to make a partial clone of Wall Street (1987) a windows popup appears, stating that CloneBD caused an error and Windows is closing the program.

    Therefor I have no way of making a logfile for you.

    Regards Johan
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  2. johan

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    Tried to do partial clone with ver. - Still no joy - CloneBD shuts down without an error message or anything just as it completes the cloning and starts the creation of the ISO.

    Regards Johan
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    See if it works for you with a different disc.
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    Sorry for the late reply - I thought I was going to get a mail when there was activity but must have missed the setting!!

    ...anyway I have made many partial clones without issues it was only Wall Street that caused the mentioned issue. However with the latest version of AnyDvd and CloneBD the issue has disappeared and it works just fine :)

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    Very happy you have it sorted. :clap: